The Rough Guide to Tuscany & Umbria Book Review – Complete, Reliable Preview

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The Rough Guide to Tuscany & Umbria, from APA Publications, presents a traveler's guide to the Italian region with its rich dynamic displays of Renaissance and medieval art, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and aromatic wine festivals.

 An expanded edition, the travel book divides the two northern Italian regions into eight sections each with color-coded chapter designations and are located on the inside front cover.

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The areas detailed are "Florence;" "Around Florence;" "Lucca and northern Tuscany;" "Pisa, the central coast, and Elba;" "The Maremma;" "Siena;" "The Sienese Hill-Town;" "Southern Tuscany;" Arezzo Province;" "Perugia and northern Umbria;" "Assisi and the Vale of Spoleto;" "Spoleto and the Valnerina;" "Orvieto and Southern Umbria."

Florence, Italy

A Table of Contents follows segmented into four sections: "Introductions," "Basics," "The Guide" and "Context." Within each of these sections are helpful suggestions such as best times to travel to the regions, what not to miss, festivals, outdoor activities, accommodations, food and drink and travel essentials. As with all Rough Guides, an introduction to the language with enough for many non-native speakers to learn tourist Italian.

Even with the current travel precautions, the possibility to visit this iconic, historical, and romantic destination is very doable. The guidebook also provides an Author's pick and itineraries.

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Before a more extensive look at the eight sections, this regional edition outlines multiple two-day itineraries featuring the best of Tuscany and Umbria. To experience the fullness of the region, driving is a must, although there is a multi-city transportation system. The luxury of stopping along the coast or dining with the Tuscan vistas picturesquely stretched across the horizon, is worth the weekly car rental.

Toscano Hills, Italy

"The Guides" section outlines each color-coded region. Highlighting each province with a complete outline that features the essentials, eating, drinking, accommodations, nightlife, shopping, and information, and then walking maps of the tourist and sight-seeing musts. The block color code in the margin also makes thumbing through the guide to find a destination or restaurant relatively easy.

The regions covered in The Rough Guide Tuscany & Umbria are each filled with world renown sights, art galleries, vistas, the stunning Spanish tile city views of Florence featuring The Duomo, the architecture of Pisa, The statues of Michelangelo, the Piano Grande, San Gimignano's amazing skyline dominated by fifteen medieval towers, the Galleria degli Uffizi, in Florence, contains an art collection that is "quite simply the best in Italy."

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Any trip to Italy cannot be consumed with the vast collections of galleries, sculptures and museums, the countryside is breathtaking. Rolling hills, hidden walkways through brightly painted inner city walls, shops filled with fragrance of wines, cheeses.

Italian Village

The Rough Guide also includes a wine checklist highlighting the vino selections of the regions as well as a monthly listing of the food, wine and arts festivals that populate every region. It is not uncommon during high season to happen upon a street fairs or food festival.

A warm, welcoming, atmosphere, Tuscany and Umbria blends a comfortable laid-back lifestyle, splendid contemporary and European history, outstanding cuisine, and trendy nightlife.

Volterra, Italy

The regions are filled with rich, and unique experiences. For the adventurous, driving the Amalfi Coast, traveling to Naples, Rome, Milan, and Venice can all be reached in a day's drive along a modern freeway.

As with all Rough Guides special notes are included for Gay and Lesbian Travelers, thoughts on Travel Insurance, electricity/electronic device charging, Entry Requirements, also regional travel and any health issues related to COVID-19, general tourist information, consulates, police and money.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Each edition includes expert advice, independent reviews, best places to stay, eat, drink and shop and all The Rough Guides are authored by experts in the region. Tim Jepson and Jonathan Buckley researched and authored the Tuscany & Umbria Rough Guides.

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At 572 pages, The Rough Guides Tuscany & Umbria, 10th Edition, provides a complete preview of the region, a thorough introduction and all the information necessary to make any stay one filled with interesting, breathtaking, once in a lifetime memories that will linger long after the vacation has ended.

Florence, Italy 

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