Blue Hope Book Review – Sylvia A. Earle’s Ode to the Majestic, Exquisite, Dazzling Ocean

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Blue Hope Exploring and Caring for Earths Magnificent Ocean, from National Geographic Books and Sylvia A. Earle, Explorer in Residence, presents a stunning anthology of life in the world's ocean and a personal plea for its protection.

Originally published in 2014, Blue Hope Exploring and Caring for Earths Magnificent Ocean, the ode to the world's oceans and all its magnificent creatures, astounding beauty, maintainer of all life and now deeply endangered, has continued to become more than simply a well-put together coffee-table book.

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"No ocean, no life; No blue, no green; Why the ocean matters to everyone everywhere," the impressive specialty tome begins and presents over the next 224 pages astonishing underwater photography that captures sea life in their natural habitat, close ups of some of the oceans most feared and loved creatures and the waters they inhabit.

In addition to the dramatic and eye-catching oceanic photography, there are many photographs of Sylvia Earle through the years in various underwater experiences. Her tenth experience living under the sea was as recent as 2012, when she accompanied five other "aquanauts" to explore the Conch Reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

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Interwoven with quotes, in the sidebar margins, from historical leaders, philosophers, intellectuals, politicians, and even the Christian Bible, all lending support to the majesty of these mighty oceans which gives life.

The back jacket of the anthology reads, "Blue Hope takes the reader on a memorable journey of the world's oceans. From polar seas to the mighty pacific, from Atlantic waters to the Indian Ocean. Discover Hope spots, special places that are critical to the health of the ocean."

The story of the renowned oceanographer Sylvia A. Earle comes alive within the pages as she shares with readers her introduction to diving, the early days which prohibited women from participating and finally the freedom to dive to the depths, to become a part of the earth's lifeblood, and now as she nears her mid-80's to believe and hope for the next generation to understand the value, the immeasurable value of the oceans to every living thing, all creatures, great and small, those in the seas and on the lands.

Blue Hope Exploring and Caring for Earths Magnificent Ocean is divided into sections: Why the Oceans Matter; Diving Into the Blue; The Ocean is Alive; Deep Frontiers; Caring for the Ocean; To The Ends of Earth and Saving Paradise.

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Earle includes Missions Blue's Hope Spots at the end of the mesmerizing imagery. Three pages, 51 total entries, of areas in the "ocean that have been identified for protection. A fraction of one percent of the oceans are protected. For successful recovery of the oceans species and systems, much more is needed. Mission Blue is committed to protecting the ocean, Earth's Blue Heart and in doing so provides hope for an enduring future for humankind."

She begins her story with an introduction, explaining to the reader the peculiarities of life and how a comment, from years of knowledge, can influence those techhies who have taken over the largest message system known to man: the internet.

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After expressing what she believed was an insult, Google Earth leader John Hanke asked her " to speak at the Googleplex, meet the "Googlers," organize an international team of experts, and help bring about a revolution in the quantity and quality of ocean images and data available to the public."

A movement, Google Ocean, was born.

Her quest to save Earth's ocean comes alive, expressing the author's message for the world. "Life depends on the ocean and to save it we must love it."

Distributed by Penguin Random House Publishing and National Geographic Books, Blue Hope Exploring and Caring for Earths Magnificent Ocean, blends personal narrative, inspirational quotes, magnificent oceanic maps, along with stunning photography of marine life, aerial images, images of overuse and its effects on sea life and powerful commentary.

Blue Hope Exploring and Caring for Earths Magnificent Ocean is available at fine books store everywhere and through online retailers.


All images under copyright and used with permission. 

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