World News: Macrocosm and Politics Through the Void

As regional elections approach, the definition of macrocosm is once again being raised. A political philosophy in its own right or how it works dedicated to the survival of a party and its leader, the question remains.

Since May 2017 and the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of the Republic, many editorialists, political scientists, journalists, and other political scientists have tried to define what macrocosm was.

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The exercise is difficult because elected against all odds, by returning the traditional parties to the rank of accessory of the political landscape, or even of parliamentary adjustment variables, Emmanuel Macron has constantly blurred the message that underlies his action: protective and social at the time of the pandemic, liberal and entrepreneurial when it is necessary to revive the economic tool undermined by the consequences of the pandemic.

For many illegible and incomprehensible macrocosm, which is ultimately embodied only in its leader, never ceases to question, oscillating between doctrine and political tool able to meet the demands imposed by the conduct of a state.

Structuring and Alliances

Yet, four years after he came to power, an attempt at explanation could, cautiously, be advanced and be summed up by the idea that, political theory finally empty of founding and structuring concepts, macrocosm would merge with any political philosophy provided that it ensures its survival and sustainability, a form of parasite capable of adapting to circumstances, a protean mixture of assumed liberalism and secular social democracy pushed to its oxysm.

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The example of the Republic's support for the outgoing president of the Provence-Alpes Côtes d'Azur region Renaud Muselier, in the run-up to the regional elections next June is a perfect example, even if this combination would tarnish the LREM's relations with the other local components.   The goal is not so much to seduce as to survive by rallying to the one who has the best assets to win. And it doesn't matter if in six months or a year the alliances need to be rethought, they are only studied for the purpose of conserving power.

This void, mentioned above, would then explain in part the disarray of the LREM parliamentarians, Maelstrom informs of the centre-left, centre-right and unrelated MPs who all defend a man and his project rather than a party and his ideas.

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Constraints and Helplessness

Thus, by phagocytizing formerly established political ensembles, macrocosm has emptied of their substance of parties unable to propose a complete synthesis of their political philosophy adapted to contemporary constraints.

This then makes macrocosm not a doctrine but a mode of political functioning, adaptable to infinity, breaking with the mechanics of alliance based on strong ideological concomitances. And for now, it seems that alchemy works even if the test of regional elections will give an overview of the viability and relevance of this electoral logic.

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The cries of gold pousted by the Republicans, outraged for some by this alliance, will not change anything but testify to this impotence tinged with frustration to face a new way of operating Darwinian perfumes.

In this, macrocosm renews the political universe that prevailed until then, but in this it also purifies the principles and political certainties that had bounded the wisely ordered Fifth Republic around a reassuring bi-polarity. Obviously, times have changed.



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