Russian Realist Web Fest Draws Submission from 70 Countries

The third international festival of web series Realist Web Fest, which will be held in Nizhny Novgorod from July 29 to August 1, 2021, announces the participants of the Main Program and the Contest of the first episodes.

This year, a prominent place in the program is occupied by Russian projects of various genres, which speaks of the rapid development of the web industry in the country.

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More than 3,000 applications from 70 countries were received for participation in the competition, and since the festival was canceled last year due to a pandemic, the selection committee considered applications received in two years. The Main Contest for Web Content Review included 45 projects - 18 Russian web series and projects from Brazil, USA, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Uruguay, France, Australia, Argentina, Italy, Canada, Germany, Spain, Israel, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan. 9 projects were selected for the Competition of the first episodes - 5 future TV series from Russia and works from the USA, Germany, Great Britain and China.

"This year's program, the Russian part of it, confirms that over the past 3 years, web series have become an integral part of the media space and our film industry, " says the festival's creator Anton Kalinkin. - Today, almost all players in the market produce, invest or develop web serial content. And we cannot but rejoice, because the viewer receives an interesting dynamic and high-quality product, and the festival receives an interesting strong program. It should also be noted that recently, interest in Russian content has been very high at world festivals - Russian web series are in the competition of almost all international web shows. We hope that the current situation will allow us to hold the festival offline, of course, in compliance with all safety measures and recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor. "

Among the Russian projects in the Main Competition is the continuation of the popular web "Millionaire from Balashikha" , on which the online cinema KinoPoiskHD worked, the first season of "Millionaire" won the Realist Web Fest in 2019, the second season of "Type Kino" , which also took part in the past festival. The competition will also feature a new work by director Shota Gamisonia, winner of the Realist Web Fest for the web series In Bed.

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His new project , Secrets of Family Life , starring Alena Mikhailova and Pyotr Skvortsov, was produced by the Sreda production company for the KION online cinema. The program also presents the Okko project "Notes of the hotelier # Helvetia" , the web series of the Odnoklassniki social network " Five with plus" with Lukerya Ilyashenko and Dmitry Endaltsev, the interactive series # DANIAZVINI , created by STS for the TikTok platform with Alexei Lukin, posted on ivi drama #FAKE_NEWS , web horror TV3 "Do not be afraid" and a new project of producers Valery Fedorovich and Evgeny Nikishov "Aliens Among Us" .

In addition, many Russian independent web series are nominated for awards at the Third Realist Web Fest. This is the teenage drama "Fool Herself" , which grew out of the short film of the same name by Anna Zaitseva, which has collected over 30 million views on YouTube. Yang Ge 's frank TV series "You Can't Stay Out" about real feelings, sex and loneliness in isolation, director's project "Sister" by the scriptwriter of the film "Coach" Sergei Chetverukhin, animation by Wild Digital studio "The Last Days of Thrash" , based on real unsuccessful dates of the dramedy "Natural selection" by Kirill Alekhin, creative project "ITamara" , one of the producers of which is Vadim Galygin, unusual mockumentary "PS or Incredible discoveries of the deepest mysteries of the human race " and the ironic " Policeman from YouTube " with Fyodor Lavrov in the title role.

Among the foreign projects that submitted applications for the Realist and were selected for the festival's competition, there were already popular and internationally awarded parody German costume comedy about the difficulties of emancipation at the end of the 19th century Haus Kummerveldt and the touching Australian-Spanish dramedy Canceled , directed by the author of the hit "Twisted in clouds "based on the story of his own canceled due to the pandemic wedding. Also in this section - a new season of the outstanding Canadian tragicomedy Public Writer with actor Emmanuel Schwartz, starring François Ozon, Todd Haynes and Denis Villeneuve, a fresh project from the creators of the Underground Star TV series In Network , which participated in the first Realist festival, and the new sitcom of the best director of Realist-2018 Gaston Armagno Backstage - about the other side of the filming of the series.

In addition, within the framework of the main program, you will be able to see two projects from Kazakhstan - the bouncy crime action Sheker and the feminist drama Night Witches , the French version of The Hunger Games called Bastards and Stranger Things in Italian - the series Per Aspera . Australia will be presented at Realist by the picturesque ecological animado There is no I in island , Switzerland - a topical but very ironic documentary web about a girl who volunteered to serve in the army, the Netherlands - Heat 's social drama about people in an abnormal heat. This year will not do without sparkling comedies, such as the American The Pool about rescuers-losers, the Uruguayan The last youtuber about a blogger surviving a zombie apocalypse, and Maestra Veneno about a rural teacher who found herself in the center of a media scandal, Israeli Dreckula about popular on the Internet vampire, Brazilian life sketches of Romantics and Brazilian ultra-short sketches by Marcus & Mercier .

Due to the large number of Russian projects in the competition, the organizers of the show decided to add the nomination "Best Russian Web Series" this year. The winners will be determined by an international jury, which will include directors, actors, digital industry professionals. The jury will determine the "Best Web Series", "Best Director", "Best Screenplay", "Original Idea", "The Brightest Character" and "Best Russian Web Series".

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The jury of the first episodes of the competition will include representatives of Russian online platforms. They will evaluate nine projects. Russia in this block is represented by the action-comedy "Destroy Zhanna" , the fantasy "Hound" , the dramedy "Millennials" , the creative producer of which and the leading performer was Anna Tsukanova-Kott, the satire on the world of television "Based on real events" and the horror "Esc" with the participation of the young actor Askar Nigamedzyanov, known for the TV series "Call Center" and "Peace! Friendship! Chewing gum!". Also in the Contest of the first episodes, you will be able to see a comedy about a woman who hired herself as a nanny ( LADYSiTTER , USA), a drama about a journalist who is hired by a PR manager to a corrupt businessman for the sake of investigation ( In two minds , Germany), thrillers about a creepy doctor ( Sick Doctor , China) and a night gas station cashier ( Night Cashier , Germany).

REALIST WEB FEST is the only web series festival in Russia that shows the best web content from around the world. Since the end of 2018, it has been part of the Web Series World Cup (WSWC).

The festival is supported by the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

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Main competition:

"You can't leave to stay", Russia, Germany, directed by Yang Ge

Natural Selection, Russia, director Kirill Alekhin.

"Notes of a hotelier # Helvetia", Russia, directed by Radda Novikova

"Aliens Among Us", Russia, director Anastasia Zavadskaya

"Marta", Russia, directors Liza Mukha, Kirill Popovich

"Millionaire from Balashikha - 2", Russia, director Nikita Tamarov

"Do not be afraid", Russia, director Evgeny Kolyadin

"Night Witches", Kazakhstan, directed by Ernar Nurgaliev

"P.S. or Incredible discoveries of the deepest mysteries of the human race ", Russia, directors Alexey Furmanov, Stanislav Shapkin

"Policeman from YouTube", Russia, directed by Akaki Sakhalashvili

"The last days of trash", Russia, directors Viktor and Victoria Kravchenko

"Five plus", Russia, director Dina Shturmanova

"The Fool Herself", Russia, director Anna Zaitseva

"Secrets of Family Life", Russia, directed by Shota Gamisonia

"Sister", Russia, director Sergei Chetverukhin

"Type of cinema - 2", Russia, director Alena Mikhailova

#DANIAZVINI, Russia, directors Eliza Martirosyan, Evgeny Belikov

#FAKE_NEWS, Russia, directed by Lada Iskanderova

BACKSTAGE, Spain, directed by Gaston Haag

Bastards, Switzerland, directors Malou Briand, Raphaël Meyer

CANCELED, Australia, directed by Luke Eve

Cronos, Brazil, directed by Luciano De Lima

Detention Adventure, Canada, directed by Joe Kicak

Dreckula, Israel, directed by Marc Gray

Evil Empire: Friday the 13th chapter2, Republic of Korea, directed by Inchun Oh

FRITURES / FRY-UP, France, directed by Jonathan RIO

Haus Kummerveldt, Germany, directed by Mark Lorei

Heat, Netherlands, directed by Martijn Winkler

ITamara, Russia, director Stanislav Ilchenko

In network, Argentina, directed by Gisela Benenzon, Alejo Rosemberg

Love, Guns & Level Ups, Australia, directed by Andrew Shanks, Nicholas Cleary

Maestra Veneno, Uruguay, directed by Eduardo Maquieira

Marcus & Mercier, France, directors Anthony Légal, Michaël Marie

Off, Italy, directed by Christian Cinetto

Per Aspera, Italy, directed by Andrea Traina

Public writer - season 3, Canada, directed by Eric Piccoli

Romantics, Brazil, directed by Priscila Maria

Section, Marche !, Switzerland, directed by Frédéric Favre

Sheker, Kazakhstan, director Aitore (qazaqbro)

The Communist's Daughter, Canada, directed by Leah Camero

The Florists, Canada, Maxime Pouliot

The last youtuber, Uruguay, directed by Martín De Benedetti

The Pool, USA, directed by Adam Bowers, Hayden Livesay

There is no I in island, Australia, directed by Rebecca Thomson

Valerianas, Brazil, directed by Renan Amaral


Millennials, Russia, directed by Artem Gryanik

"Based on True Events", directed by Dmitry Kiryushkin

"Hound", Russia, director Fyodor Selkin

Zhanna, Russia, director Maxim Kudymov

Esc, Russia, director Evgeny Nikitin

In two minds, Germany, directed by Fabian Schwab


Sick Doctor, China, directed by Jiang Dong

The Night Cashier, Germany, directed by Dirk Rosenlöcher

Haute Tease