Home, Décor: Tips for Remodeling the Main Bathroom Into a Lavish Space

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The main bathroom demands an upgrade, but how do you determine which changes to make? With these tips for remodeling the main bathroom into a lavish space, you'll have the ideal luxurious bathroom in no time!

Everyone has their ideas about luxurious homes, but what does luxury mean to you? Read these tips for remodeling the main bathroom into a generous and luxurious space with high-end modifications that will exude relaxation and harmony.

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Upgrade the Storage

A classic cabinet to store beauty products, towels, and other bathroom supplies won't suffice when remodeling the bathroom into a lavish space. Every home deserves incredible storage that's convenient and chic.

Cabinets are always helpful. Find one area of the bathroom where a gorgeous cabinet will seamlessly fit within the design. In addition to this cabinet, homeowners can install open shelving. This form of shelving establishes an airy and more open space within the bathroom. When you're searching for that sleek appearance, open shelving is an ideal design.

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Add a Free-Standing Tub

Free-standing tubs sit directly on the floor, with each side exposed. This style contributes to a more open space, and it's a more lavish statement piece. But a free-standing tub is not only desirable for its looks.

This tub creates a spa-like experience for people who adore relaxing after a long day with a hot bath. If you're seeking a modern touch, this tub style is worthwhile to install.

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Install High-End Shower Fixtures

The shower should feel just as luxurious as the spa-like tub. One of the best ways to make this a reality is to upgrade the fixtures.

Changing the fixtures is a simple way to elevate the design. With a variety of different types of shower fixtures available, there are plenty of high-end options to enhance the bathroom. Opt for a gorgeous showerhead with the capability to change the water pressure and temperature easily. It will enhance the shower experience and add an element of comfort to your bathroom.

Consider a Modern and Timeless Design

A bathroom feels the most luxurious when it has a modern yet timeless style. Many homeowners adore white and black color palettes to create a sleek appearance. Gray and beige are also very popular neutral colors homeowners choose to incorporate within the design.

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Add a Pop of Color

While neutral tones create the most luxurious-looking spaces, you still want the bathroom to connect to your home's personality. During the design process, think about areas where you could add a pop of color and give the space some character.

Consider including a feature wall of colorful tiles in the shower. You could also coat the wall above the vanity with geometric wallpaper. Neutral colors create a timeless aesthetic, but a small pop of color can add interest and extravagance.

During the design process, recall some of these tips for remodeling the main bathroom. To construct the lavish space of your desires, you'll want to incorporate a few of these helpful ideas.

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