Home, Décor: Five Luxury Home Must Haves

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You want a spacious home with intricate details, gorgeous and unique features, and incredible amenities that your family adores. Could anything more enhance your space? Learn about five luxury must-haves that will perfect your high-end home.

From fully enclosed his and hers dressing area, something that would make television's iconic Carrie Bradshaw pause, to a home gym, and entertainment room, a home should have ample room to create additional spaces and amplify the home's status.

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Dressing Areas

A simple walk-in closet won't suffice. There is more to getting ready for the day than putting on your clothes or makeup. A dressing area gives you the additional space you need to feel like a celebrity.

Imagine a large, full-length mirror. Then a vanity with excellent lighting, and each makeup product is perfectly stored. Shoes and clothes are organized around the room. Getting ready shouldn't feel like a chore. With a dressing area, you can feel like the most important person in the room.

Smart Home Features

Technology is constantly advancing. There is no better way to improve a home than by adding smart home features. Features like motion sensor lighting, security systems with cameras and automatic locking features, and thermostats that automatically adjust the temperature can be installed.

The goal of these features is to make your life easier. By using an application on a tablet or smartphone, you can easily control each element and make changes as needed.

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Fitness Room

Who needs a gym membership when they can conveniently exercise from the comfort of their own home? Everyone's workout routines vary, so it's important to use the space to accommodate your exercise needs. That could mean a wide range of dumbbell weights, a power rack for lifting heavier weights, or a stationary bike. Alternatively, an open space with a yoga mat could be left for activities like ab workouts, yoga, or Pilates. Your exercise room will have everything you could ever need to create your ideal workout.

Hot Tub

After a good workout, you can walk over to the hot tub and allow the tense muscles to relax in the comfort of the pulsing jets and warm water.

Hot tubs are a luxury must-have for high-end homes because of their versatility. They are perfect for hosting guests, as a play area for children, and as a space for relaxation. You'll always get your money's worth when you invest in a hot tub.

All that's left is to find the perfect installation spot for your hot tub indoors or in the backyard.  

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Home Entertainment Theater

Nothing is more thrilling than bringing the movie experience into your own home. Picture two rows of comfortable lounge chairs staring at a high-quality screen that envelops the entirety of the opposite wall. A high-definition sound system that booms with the action surrounds you. Cup holders for drinks and a vintage popcorn machine stand ready to provide the ultimate movie snacks. If you don't have an entertainment theater in your home, it's a feature to be considered.

No matter if you're buying a new home or updating your current house, each of these must-have features will enhance your love for the home.

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