World News: Defeat of Russia Looms as Kiev Looks to Beijing

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With a Ukrainian conflict that seems to turn to Kiev's advantage, a new space of influence is being redrawn in parallel in which China imposes itself, anxious to establish itself as the first protester to the Western order.

As the potential defeat of the Russian army in Ukraine looms, a new definition of international relations is emerging because of the geopolitical conflict. If the war in Ukraine will undoubtedly have effects on Russian power and influence, this same war will have allowed China, Moscow’s prudent ally, to take the lead in a kind of Anti-Western rebellion.

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If Beijing is not ready to make the guns speak as Putin was, the Middle Kingdom knows how much difficult it will be to recover from the consequences of the conflict and to occupy the place of first protester of the Western order. By   slipping into the crack, Beijing can thus not only pose as the best enemy of the United States, but also assume the role of figurehead. of a Western anti-model. However, international relations have everything to fear from this Chinese metamorphosis.

Brutality and Rupture

Because if Moscow shines with a certain brutality, without finesse and elegance, in its diplomatic relations all still imbued with the  methods used by the KGB, China will on the  other hand be able to show much more roundness. and gentleness without   losing the objectives set.

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Like   its history and   culture, China, which hates chaos and rupture, will have at heart in the years  to come to impose itself in  a discreet and silent way  as it has done, and does. Still in Africa, by unwittingly buying millions of hectares of land, by interfering in   local economies, particularly North African or European. Lulled by a thousand-year-old philosophy and structured by the principles of an  infinitely powerful communist party, China will easily be able to keep up with the effects  of the war in Ukraine.

The largest buyer of Russian gas and oil, thus making Moscow dependent on its goodwill, Beijing skillfully places   its pawns, feeds its   saving on vital energy sources   acquired at   the most affordable rates while   exhausting an ally of circumstances focused on a single objective: stealing in the United States the place of first world power.

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There is no need to imagine any other purpose on the part of Beijing than to establish itself as the world's leading power. Not in order to dictate its law but because any nation of this order is called to rise to the top to ensure its existence. Faced with an aging population, China must now find the space for its survival even if it means allying itself with an aging Russia that is on the outskirts of nations.

But for the time being, Beijing is patiently waiting for  the end of a   regional conflict with  global effects, and  it will  undoubtedly   be able to draw the consequences advantageously.    

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