Camping Trip Review - Indie Horror Film Delivers

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Camping Trip, from Fucia Films and 8Cube, presents a mid-pandemic horror film, as two couples in lock down decide to pack up and head for a secluded lake to release the frustration, rage, anger and simply escape.


The film begins with telltale signs of the first wave of lockdowns, deserted streets, cities silenced, masters of their universe hobbled by the unseen virus and life, as the world knew it, had vanished.


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Our two couples Ace and Coco, played by Alex Gravenstein and Hannah Forest Briand, and Enzo and Polly, played by Leonardo Fuica and Caitlin Cameron, meet up and in the initial moments of their conversations we understand what became a reality for so many, with offices closed, no work, a steady paycheck and limited savings, the next wave that followed the lockdowns were that of insecurity, financial concerns, past due bills, and uncertainty.

The friends had obviously known each other for some time, the guys since childhood, the girls since the guys. Once the arrive the freedom of life in the woods, away from prying eyes of neighbors, and the restraints the coronavirus caused on everyday life, the group let loose.

After night one, and a foursome, the group decides to take the canoe and visit another part of the lake. While they are enjoying the afternoon, a series of fast-paced exploding sounds, catch their attention. Unsure if they are alone in the woods, if the sounds are firecrackers or what disturb their trip, the decide to head back to the camp.


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While they were gone, we see another man, making his way to the same area. He doesn't appear to pose a threat, to anyone, although we are unsure of his intentions as he hides a sack of money in a bag in Polly's tent.

Meeting with the man, who turns out to be a doctor, played by Ben Pelletier, are two other men, Orick played by Michael D'Amico, and Billy, played by Jonathan Vanderzon, who are clearly trouble. No mixed impressions. These two are trouble. It is obvious they expect the money and are the kind of men who will hunt you down, if you attempt to double cross or cheat them. Which is just what the doctor attempts to do.

When our campers get back to the shore, Ace heads out into the woods to relieve himself. Down the hillside, he sees a body and freaks out. Soon all four have gathered around the body, realizing that they are not alone and whoever is in the woods has already killed one person, and maybe others.

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So, after finding the body, collectively they begin to have a meltdown and finally decide to leave. They begin to pack, and Polly finds the bag with all the cash and suddenly they go from panic to jubilation. Additionally, we understand the doctor exchanged an envelope with the murders and Enzo discovered it near the body. It contains the positive results of new coronavirus vaccine. Suddenly they realize all their money problems are over; and they are doing the new money dance.

The celebration attracts the two men who are now looking for the money and the lab results. They reach the camp, and this sets up the final act.

Camping Trip, an indie horror film, is unexpectedly captivating with haunted house surprises along the way. The film builds into this shocking and dramatic conclusion. Well written and compelling.  Camping Trip will be available for digital download August 16, 2022.  An indie must see.

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Country: USA.

Language: English.

Runtime: 115minutes.

Director: Leonardo Fuica and Demian Fuica.

Writer: Leonardo Fuica.

Cast: Leo Zola (Leonardo Fuica), Caitlin Cameron, Hannah Forest Briand, Alex Gravenstein, Michael D'Amico, Jonathan Vanderzon, Ben Pelletier.

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