Screen Media Blu-Ray/DVD Releases

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Monstrous, 11th Hour Cleaning and 9 Bullets are a few of the newest Screen Media Blu-Ray/DVD releases, and for those who prefer feel-good films, recent releases include Off the Rails and Brian Wilson – Long Promised Road.

Home Entertainment does exist outside of streaming and digital downloads and the recent releases by the Chicken Soup for the Soul company, Screen Media, offers something for everyone. Here are eight releases and a teaser introduction to each.

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Monstrous, starring Christina Ricci, brings to the screen a terrifying new horror film along the lines of Poltergeist, as terror seems to follow Laura, played by Ricci, who leaves her abusive husband and resettles with her young son, Cody, played by Santino Barnard. The pair, who are confronting the demons of their abusive past, suddenly become targeted by demonic presence. As Laura tries to approach the new horrors intelligently, she falls into personal responsibility for the presence and finally decides to take control of her life and will not allow anything to rob her of her future. A Heightened suspense thriller. See it.

Monstrous, directed by Chris Sivertson and written by Carol Chrest, has a runtime of 89minutes.

11th Hour Cleaning

11th Hour Cleaning, starring Anita Leeman Torries, Edward Finlay, Katie Gallagher, J. Kristopher, Chloe Brooks, Ed Morrone, Dave Baez, Marcie Jean, brings to the screen what will sure be a horror classic, as a team of crime scene cleaners are called to remove all traces of the gruesome murders. They begin to experience ghastly hallucinations and must confront their most personal regrets and fears when they are trapped at a recent murder site by an ancient Nordic demon hell-bent on driving them insane. As they uncover what truly happened to the murder victims, they must escape their own deaths by finding and destroying the Norse relics that give the demon its powers.

A combination of horror, demonic resurrection and shock, 11th Hour Cleaning, is best seen in the daytime. Not for the faint at heart, or those with low tolerances to horror films.

11th Hour Cleaning, directed by Ty Leisher and written by Eric R. Brodeur and Ed Morrone, has a runtime of 71minutes.

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9 Bullets

9 Bullets, starring Sam Worthington and Lena Heady, begins on Christmas Eve, when Gypsy, played by Lena Headey, a burlesque dancer, turned author, is finishing her last shift, like everyone she used the gig as a side hustle while she pursued her artistic aspiration. While life seems to be changing the past always seems to have a way of showing up to try and pull the escapees down memory lane for a final trip. Her neighbor, a Sam, played by Dean Scott Vazquez, a tech savvy tween, is IM'd by his dad, who frantically explains the drill is now, take everything and hide. He leaves his house and hides in Gypsy's. What follows is a race against time as Gypsy leaves town with Sam, trying to find a safe place for him to hide, as Jack, played by Sam Worthington, who is also her ex, and his goons are hunting them. A twisting race against time. See it.

9 Bullets, written and directed by Gigi Gaston, and has a runtime of 97 minutes.

Off The Rails

Off the Rails, starring the late Kelly Preston, Jenny Seagrove, Sally Phillips, Ben Miller, and Franco Nero, with a cameo by Dame Judy Dench, the film brings together three college friends to the funeral of the fourth to celebrate her life and mourn with her mother and daughter. Her dying wish was to recreate their college trip across Europe and bring along her daughter to experience the adventure of a lifetime. An adventure awaits as they begin their travels -older, wiser, well maybe as they experience the loss of passports, train strikes and romantic liaisons. The women, older, deal with their successes or failures, the loss of time, new beginnings, and memories. Off the Rails is a feel-good film, with a solid story, and plenty of exquisite European tourist attractions for armchair wanderers to travel along. See it.

Off the Rails, directed by Jules Williamson has a runtime of 93 minutes.

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A Week in Paradise

A Week in Paradise, stars Malin Akerman, Connie Nielsen and Philip Winchester. As her marriage crumbles around her Maggie, played by Malin Akerman, heads off to her cousin's Fiona, played by Connie Nielsen's Caribbean retreat for much needed rest, relaxation, and recovery. While on the island she meets Sam, played by Philip Winchester, the hotel's chef. Not expecting romance, the two, each recuperating from bad relationships, seem to hit if off. Of course, the path to true love never did run smooth and it doesn't here either as Maggie's cheating husband shows up begging for forgiveness, time, history, and hope as well as her celebrity status back home all play into the love triangle gone bad. Soon the lure of pristine beaches, warm tropical winds, genuine romance seem to overwhelm what she thought was common sense. A Week in Paradise pulls the viewer into the classic romance story leading with a few intriguing twists. The tropical location is hypnotic. See it.

A Week in Paradise, directed by Philippe Martinez and written by Kate Wood, has a runtime of 100minutes.

Brian Wilson – Long Promised Road

Brian Wilson, Long Promised Road, brings to the screen a documentary of his stories career as he takes viewers on a journey through his legendary career as one of the original members of America's first boy band, The Beach Boys. With a global appeal The Beach Boys were responsible for many of the most well-known California songs in history of music, and cornered the California sound capturing a audience with the allure of the California mystic, golden beaches, sunny days, surfing and youth. Brian Wilson – Long Promised Road is more than a pleasant trip through the annual of music, time and history, it is filled with interviews from many of music's most recognized celebrities as they explain how the sound was instrumental in shaping the world of music today.

With Rolling Stone editor and long-time friend, Jason Fine, Brian Wilson – The Long Promised Road is directed by Brent Wilson with a runtime of 93minutes. A fun filled trip through the California sound. See it.

And from the archives . . . .

Till Death

Till Death starring Megan Fox, presents a twisting race against thriller as Emma, played by Megan Fox, is stuck in a stale marriage to Mark and is surprised when he whisks her away to their secluded lake house for a romantic evening on their 10th anniversary. Soon we see Mark is not the man we thought, and he becomes her worst nightmare. But everything soon changes, and Emma finds herself trapped and isolated in the dead of winter, the target of a plan that gets more sinister at every turn. A tale of survival and revenge, Till Death is filled with haunted house pop-ups and heightened suspense. See it.

Till Death, directed by S.K. Dale and written by Jason Carvey has a runtime of 88 minutes.

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Senior Moment

For a feel-good romance try Senior Moment starring Jean Smart, William Shatner, Christopher Lloyd and Esai Morales. Victor Martin, played by William Shatner, is a retired NASA test pilot often seen speeding around Palm Springs in his vintage Porsche convertible with his best friend Sal (Christopher Lloyd) in tow. His life changes when his license is revoked for drag racing and his car impounded. Forced to take public transportation for the first time, he meets his opposite Caroline, played by Jean Smart, and learns to navigate love and life again as he goes up against the state's new DA to get back his license and car.

Senior Moment, directed by Giorgio Serafini, has a runtime of 92 minutes.

No matter your genre from horror to thrillers documentary to feel-good romances, there is a something for everyone. Happy viewing.

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  • Nicole Garcia, Jury President For Caméra D’or Award

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    Actress, director and screenwriter Nicole Garcia is to preside over the Jury for this year's Caméra d'Or award for the best debut film at Cannes. In this opportunity to champion an up-and-coming director she joins the ranks of previous Jury Presidents Bong Joon-Ho, Gael García Bernal, Carlos Diegues and Agnès Varda, who have all in the past contributed their experience and passion for cinema to the deliberations.

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