Tyson’s Run DVD Review - Uplifting, Heartwarming, Family Friendly

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Tyson’s Run, from Universal Home Entertainment, presents the touching story of an autistic boy who, through sheer chance and dedication, finds a passion he didn’t know he possessed and helps bridge the growing divide in his family.

The film opens with Tyson, played by Major Dodson, who is a high functioning autistic, with an inclination for advanced mathematics, being homeschooled by his mother, Eloise played by Amy Smart. She is gentle, kind, and can motivate Tyson, but her level of math stops before genius.

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Coach Dodson, played by Rory Cochrane, is the local high school football coach, and Tyson’s father. Ellie and Coach decide Tyson’s homeschooling days are over and it is time for him to attend high school. Fortunately, his dad, Coach Dodson, is the winningest high school football coach in state and it looks like he’ll be leading the team to another championship.

High school, which is a difficult experience, usually, anyway is an amplified for Tyson. Joining his dad after school for coaching practice, he is suddenly mesmerized by a runner, played by Barkhad Abdi, who is using the track. Without thought, Tyson sprints across the field and begins to run beside him. He introduces himself as Aklilu, a local sneaker shop owner.

Tyson when he is faced with an uncomfortable situation runs from it. And when he was unjustly accused at school he ran to Aklilu’s store. By the end of the day, not only did he have a new pair of running shoes, but he also had a marathon winning coach.

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Magnetized by his new passion, Tyson, overbearing his parents argue takes off running in the middle of a horrific rainstorm. He ends up lost, with the riverbanks overflowing. Lightening strikes a tree, which splits the branch and falls on him trapping his foot. By this time his father is out looking for him, along with the police. The police call off the search as it becomes too dangerous. Suddenly Coach hears Tyson calling out for him. And while he finally finds him, his foot is still stuck, and the waters are rising fast. Trying to lift the branch, Coach dislocates his shoulder and all they can do is cling to each other.

Ellie, who is at her wits end, calls Aklilu and tells him where Tyson was spotted and maybe he could help the search. He finds them both and can move the branch. The scare forced coach to make a decision. So, he tells his team and his family, that he is stepping back from football because his family need him.

Tyson, who is dedicated to running, explains without seeing any obstacles, that he plans to run in the town’s 26-mile marathon and win it. For anyone who has ever run, even a mini marathon, the effort, training, and dedication, is demanding, even grueling.

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Soon, however, Aklilu is training him, and each day, he is gaining strength, his time is faster, and he is learning there is more to running than putting on sneakers and hitting the pavement. Of course, between the training sessions, and race day, once again a unexpected hurdle is thrown into their path, as the local mayor, played by Reno Wilson, who is running for re-election is attempting to derail Tyson’s entry into the marathon.

Tyson’s Run, encouraging, and hopeful, impresses the importance of not allowing circumstances to set limits or boundaries. Heartwarming, uplifting, a family friendly film, Tyson’s Run is available to own or rent through digital platforms and at local brick and mortar retailers.

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Country: USA.

Language: English.

Release Date: Available to own through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, FYE, Gruv, Target, and Walmart.

Digital Platforms: Digital is available to purchase on Apple TV, Direct TV, Microsoft, Prime Video, Fios by Verizon, VUDU, Xfinity, and YouTube.

Runtime: 103minutes.

Writer: Kim Bass.

Director: Kim Bass.

Producer: Eric Upshur, Asante White.

Cast: Major Dodson, Rory Cochrane, Amy Smart, Barkhad Abdi, Reno Wilson, Claudia Zevallos, Layla Felder.

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