The Policeman’s Linage Review – Intriguing, Riveting, Suspenseful

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The Policeman's Linage, from Echelon Studios, presents a gripping crime drama that pits detective against detective as an elite major crime's unit chief is investigated for his determined efforts and any means necessary for the truth.

Set in contemporary South Korea, the film begins with a murder and a forced confession followed quickly by the trial where the testimony of Choi Min-jae, played by Choi Woo-shik, a rookie police officer and a man of principle, results in the officer's conviction.

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His failure to back up the blue wall, even in South Korea, carries penalties within the department. He is summoned to Internal Affairs to meet with Hwang In-ho, played by Park Hee Soon, and he is asked to go undercover, to investigate the Major Crimes Chief Park Kang-yoon, played by Cho Jin-woong being told he is dirty, taking money from an elite control group who support his diligent efforts, and this resulted in the death of an undercover detective.

This sets up act two of the film. The two police officers, each methodical in their own ways, a rookie strictly by the book, trying to live up to the standards he believed his father, killed in the line of duty, also lived by, and the other, a seasoned veteran, who has built a hard-won reputation for anything to gain the truth and each move, legal, illegal, or somewhere in between, is for the greater good.

Once Cho-Jin arrives in the unit, the usual hazing of newbies occurs and instantly when Park Kang arrives the team is all business. In minutes, the rookie is assigned to the chief and the two are headed out to see an informant. For Cho-Jin he is convinced going into the assignment that the Chief is guilty and the two, clash from the beginning on how many lines to ignore to get to the truth.

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The film moves through the underbelly of South Korea's criminal enterprises which like in most major cities and points around the world is controlled by those who have made a small fortune on the habits and downfall of others.

Park Gang-Yoon, from appearances, has clearly invested his money well or the rumors of him taking payoffs are true. He brings Cho-Jin to his apartment and sets out a suit for the Rookie to wear, the camera pans an exceptionally organized and fashionable closet, with a savvy and tasteful designer wardrobe, the kind that draw attention.

The Chief is sophisticated and as we understand from the beginning, he only deals with the 1%, those who look for the accessories, in everything, and who understand the importance of a well-dressed man.

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As it is a crime drama The Policeman's Linage takes viewers into afterhours clubs of the ultra-wealthy, for the usual enticements, high stakes poker, drugs, gambling, motorized high speed boat races, exotic automobiles. It isn't until we meet the Chief on his day off, that he steps away from the persona and life that he leads for the job, to what he hopes to retire into.

The film also introduces state of the art technology that is used in the surveillance by Cho-Jin in his efforts to find the evidence that will bring the chief and the secret organization that funds him down.

The Policeman's Lineage, a riveting, gripping, fast-moving crime drama speeding through the underbelly and streets of contemporary South Korea. As it is in subtitles, the direction of The Policeman's Linage, is key to creating an international intriguing film, and director Kyu-mann Lee creates lasting images that make this film memorable. The story is well written and pulls the viewers into a web of conspiracy. The strong ensemble cast delivers solid character driven performances. It is a film definitely worth seeing.

The Policeman's Lineage will be on digital, VOD and cable June 7, 2022, from Echelon Studios. See it!

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Country: South Korea.

Language: Korean, with English Subtitles.

Release Date: June 7, 2022.

Platforms: Cable and Digital Transactional Video On Demand including Comcast, Charter-Spectrum, Directv, iTunes, Cox Cable, Dish Network, Sling TV, Google Play, Verizon Fios, Fandango / VUDU, InDemand, Vubiquity, Rogers, Vimeo on Demand.

Director: Kyu-mann Lee.

Producer: Han-seung Lee.

Executive Producer: Hyun-joo Jung

Cast: Choi Woo-shik, Cho Jin-woong, Park Myeong-hoon, Hee-soon Park, Kwon Yui, Lee Hyun-wook, Lee Eol.

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