Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog Review – A Story of Loyalty, Faithfulness and Devotion

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Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog, from JDOG Films, brings to the screen the story of an against all odds loyalty between a Jewish boy and his dog during the Nazi’s begin the reign of terror.


The film begins in Germany, 1935, a third generation German-Jewish family were gathered around as their German shepherd was giving birth. The film moves quickly, and we see the pups are growing fast.

Dark Woods Review – Riveting True Crime Drama

Germany is changing and Hitler is rising to power and the Nurnberg laws were passed. Each day a new decree denying Jew’s freedoms. First, we see Shoshonna, played by Ayelet Zurer, out shopping with her children, Joshua, played by August Maturo, and Rachel, played Viktoria Stefanovszky, when she begins to see the “No Jews Allowed” signs on the shopkeeper’s windows.

Trying to convince her husband, Samuel, played by Adam Porogi, to tell the children the truth and they should make a decision to leave Germany, he calms her telling her everything will be alright and not to worry. Soon a dear and trusted friend explains he is leaving Germany. The newest law forbids Jews to own pets. Samuel is still convinced the swirling winds will pass.

Panic Review – Suspenseful, A Binge-Worthy, Summer Series

Unfortunately, the dark clouds don’t pass, and Samuel gives Kaleb away to what he believes is a good home. Kaleb is given to a couple Frank, played by Miklos Kapacsy, and Greta, played by Lois Robbins. Kaleb bonds with Frank unfortunately Greta is domineering and mean. Kaleb responds to her by destroying her favorite chair. Kaleb runaway from them and becomes a street dog. Soon he is captured, and eventually adopted by Ralph, an SS dog trainer, played by Ken Duken.

Now Kaleb is given a new name, Blitz, and is trained as a guard dog, and works at a Nazi concentration camp rounding up and terrorize Jewish prisoners.

One day when a new trainload of prisoners arrives at the camp, Joshua steps out of the train and Kaleb/Blitz recognizes him. Ralph thinks that Blitz just needs the attention of a child. So he orders Joshua to feed the animals and threatens him with his life he if takes any of the food back to the men starving in the barracks.


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Shepherd: The Story of A Jewish Dog is a sensitively told story of love, loyalty and courage during an unforgettable time in history as seen through the eyes and perspective of a dog and the boy who thought he lost everything.

The film is beautifully written and gives new perspective on the horrors of the Nazi regime and the failure of many to recognize the truth while others were quick to flee before the fullness of Hitler’s maniacal plans unfolded.

Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog, a story of faithfulness, allegiance, and devotion, is opening in select theaters May 28, 2021. Check local listings. See it.

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Country: USA

Runtime: 94minutes

Release Date: May 28, 2021

Language: English

Director: Lynn Roth

Writer: Lynn Roth

Producer: Lynn Roth, Howard Rosenman, Craig Berenson, J. Todd Harris

Cast: August Maturo, Ayelet Zurer, Ken Duken, Adam Porogi, Victoria Stefanovszky, Zsolt Pall, Lois Robbins, Peter Linka, Victor Denes, Karen Gagon.

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