Justice Watch: Jealousy, Greed, and The Seven Deadly Sins – The Victim X Story Pt.3

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Over the last two decades sexual violence has received greater attention, as victims demand justice and are willing to dedicate significant time to ensuring their voices are heard and the crime committed against them are not neatly covered.

No one plans to cross paths with a sociopath. It isn't as if anyone's five-year plan includes escaping with your life only to face a extended campaign of lies, defamation, character assassination, discrimination, stalking, and a pattern of intensified hatred, without cause, leaving no option but to move multiple times across country to escape only to face the same pattern of intensified hatred, without cause arising again after a short time.

Justice Watch: A Failed System The Victim X Story (Part I)

Looking back and sorting through details, and of course having decades of journals, documents, and authored news articles, and still the campaign of hate and destruction remains intact.

Jealousy, Greed, and The Seven Deadly Sins

"Jealousy, that green-eyed monster of emotions, is a powerful force. Once trapped in its grip, we are likely to act irrationally out of anger or feeling slighted," from wiseoldsayings.com.

According to the standard list, the seven deadly sins are pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth. More than the seven deadly sins, according to Proverbs 6:16:

16 There are six things the Lord hates,
    seven that are detestable to him:
17         haughty eyes,
        a lying tongue,
        hands that shed innocent blood,
18         a heart that devises wicked schemes,
        feet that are quick to rush into evil,
19         a false witness who pours out lies
        and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

The Narrative – Negate, Denigrate, Disparage, Defame

The judicial wall of silence is designed to negate the crimes that were committed. It is a well-planned and well executed targeted campaign and all those who would create the first impressionable opinions were dedicated to its success.

It was learned, built by each organization prepared to impeach, defame, malign, and vilify to drive to an expected and desired conclusion. The denigrating campaign traveled, took root repeatedly, with each lynchpin reaching laterally to maintain the character assassination.

Looking back to those first days, post crime, my instincts, education, and experience, present a more challenging scenario. Sorting the pieces, the chaos, the confusion, which all hoped could never be clear, as every person, each one, agreed to total silence, a removal of any connection to their involvement, crimes, in what was expected to grievously injure my emotions.

The plan, for all, included a complete erasing and in their minds negating the crimes. If they have no contact, they can skip over their involvement and get back to their life after destroying mine.

Those who claim innocence prove their guilt by their actions.

Justice Watch: The Perfect Crime (The Victim X Story Pt. 2)

The Plot – Murder Through Suicide

The Hudson County, New Jersey detectives in charge, I believe were bought from the beginning or intentionally incompetent. The explanation of his financial problems sent a differentmessage. Moreover, I believe they were presented sex tapes created by the religious organization and their sexual encounters with one confirmed lawyer (maybe others).

One female from the religious organization, a willing participant, was recruited and blinded by an evil jealousy or simply cult led and fed. She created delusional mental trailers. Scenarios that she spent time investing in the fantasy, building it to her desired end, filling in the narrative and after enough time put this plan, with help and blessing of the RO, using three simple words, "it's God's Will," to convince herself and others of its merit.

And with that the religious organization, the female and those in charge, set out to block all exits, first she went to my employer at NYU, then to Circle in the Square Theater School, then to the LF. I believe she convinced others that I stood in the way of her relationship happiness. I believe she explained that she was actually the object her fantasy's affections and if she got me out of the way they would be able to live the life she fantasized of living.

I believe she acted in concert with a male member of the religious organization and they plotted to stop career, to stop pursuits, to disfigure, to kill. I also believe this plan was duplicated, unbeknownst to either organization, by each.

One female from the law firm exhibited similar benchmarks of sociopathic behavior. Harvard Clinical Psychologist and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Martha Stout published "The Sociopath Next Door," which details the fact that one in 25 exhibit some form of sociopathic behaviors. These actions, by each, line up with the benchmarks in Dr. Stout's book.

The sociopath at the law firm did tier destruction, the religious organization the same through different tactics because of limited finances. The associates had disposable income and used it in inventive ways to determine the most devious, insidious, and sinister means to facilitate their plan.

Cancer is always diagnosed by a small seed.

The Seeds of Jealousy

In the beginning there were three organizations, the religious organization, the law firm, my extended family, and a separate group which included my in-debt roommate and her best friend who lured me into believing I would be safe living with her friend in a loft apartment. These two were point people, one with family, one with church.

I believe the plot went something like this, after a successful fundraising campaign which included asking for and receiving donations from partners, associates and even support staff at the law firm, to finance two humanitarian trips, the monies raised were turned into the sponsoring organization and all trip arrangements where organized through the church.

My point of contact at the religious organization, exclaimed once she saw the $2500.00 dollars raised, "What a little fundraiser you are!" She explained she felt compelled to tell the preachers about the money as they were always looking for sponsorship and corporate support to keep the church running.

I felt uneasy about the church thinking they could contact my employer for money. To me, it just didn't feel right. It reminded me of the phrase people say when talking about office romances, essentially, I knew the two would not mix and didn't want to be in the middle of it.

The Hunt For Funding

This is a tactic that is often used, I call it the funding ATM. Whenever an independent business is in financial trouble, they work with someone who has deep pockets to finance them through the hard times. I've seen it used in multiple industries.

So, for the Religious Organization to search out a deep pocket funding ATM is not unusual, usually. It wouldn't have been an issue for the law firm to sponsor or support the church, independently.

I compartmentalize. Rarely do the compartments mingle. I keep my life separate, other than individuals who specifically knew me, whom I spoke with, I tired to keep my life as private as possible.

The overhead for the religious organization, as anyone would understand for building rental/lease in Manhattan, where real estate costs are known as the highest in the country and housing the highest in the nation, can be astronomical.

Shakedown Street

The church was deeply in debt and during the four years I attended I witnessed two major attempts to shakedown the parishioners through fraud and building a belief of connection to local political officials to create credibility in the community.

The first was a hotel project, which they presented as a joint project with a prominent well-known real estate holding family and explained to the congregation the architects gave the church the permission to design the hotel plans. They even went as far as renting a crane and sitting it out front. The hotel was never built.

Grisly Murder of CEO a Professional Hit

The second attempt was creating a situation of sorrow, which was the usual vein they tapped. The leader of the church had said many times that his wife had 27 cancer operations, and during the time that I attended he said his granddaughter died from brain cancer.

There were no announcements at the time of diagnosis, no prayerful vigilance, just one announcement of death.The death of a child should create a situation of sorrow worth at least $75,000 in donations. It was never talked about again. No sorrow or time off. Just skipped over.

Individually, I witnessed a member of the church's inner circle pitching a famous New York Pro-Sports star who had just begun to attend the church. He left soon after.

After September 11, 2001 the founding pastor of the mid-town Manhattan church announced from the pulpit that he toured the World Trade Center site with the VIP's and dignitaries from Washington, New York State and local political leaders. He is not seen in any pictures with any person who toured the World Trade Center site.

At Gun Point Robbery

I've written about the at gunpoint robbery, which occurred at 101 W. 80th Street. And seeing the face of the driver and seeing the same face in the New York Daily News, in a police artist sketch. It wasn't until many years later, after the bottom fell out of my life, that I placed two images side by side, that of the police artist sketch and the choir director at the church were a match. Of course, with the amount of crime in Manhattan, who would care? I don't think robberies are considered high priority.

Three Million and She Lost it All

My extended family, on my Mom's side, had the seed of greed implanted in them after my cousin received a three-million-dollar wrongful death settlement and within a year, maybe two, lost it all.

From the point on, they were obsessed with securing a settlement somehow.

My mom, at that time, had listed her brother as executor of her estate.

The Albatross of Homeownership

I shared a loft in New Jersey. At the time I had been insistent on only sharing with someone who had similar beliefs. I believe the religious organization had manipulated my former roommate through a belief that it was God's Will, to ask me to move.

Disgraced Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty

The idea of course to have me in a vulnerable place, a place where they could access my personal life, and then present the findings as a "relationship" to further circumvent my life for financial gain.

After a friend suggested living at her home, which she was part owner with her mother, would be fine, I agreed. It didn't last. Her mother didn't want me around. My influence clashed with the control she had over her daughter who had an operatic voice, a songstress, and who I believed should use her gift instead of wasting it.

The mother explained she had a friend who was financially strapped, who owned a loft apartment and was looking for a roommate. It was close, I would be safe, she had same beliefs and worked with her at a mid-town LF.

The Associates & A Sure Thing

Finally, the law firm. Six figures annually with bonus wasn't enough for the first years. They expected respect also. They expected to be treated as the partners. They felt grunt work, fetching, small tasks, denigrated their education that they just spent three years slaving to achieve and felt the long hours, the second chair, was beneath them.

One associate explained she felt every time she was asked to do something for a particular partner it was presented in a culturally demeaning manner, and the African American associate felt she should be saying, "Yessum master."

The associates, for the most part, hated the partners and were not concerned about speaking about it. They would do anything to destroy the reputation of the law firm, in total, to destroy the reputation, to drive the clients away, anything and everything necessary to burn the place down. It was a seething and unchecked hatred.

However sticking pins in voodoo dolls, and playing with Satanic influences, were one thing. To move from planning in the abstract to implementing a plan of action, a shift would be necessary.

The shift came through the same pattern, a playbook of behavioral modifications which the RO used to target individuals. Whether it was to tap deep pockets, manipulate sincere faith, build up a disturbing plot, or find the Achilles heel and drill down exposing raw truths, the leaders had every scenario planned and more importantly had, by this time, committed enough crime to realize by following the playbook, created by a former cop, they would never be caught

The RO leads found a sex freak, party boy partner at the LF and each believed they could outwit, outsmart, out manipulate the other. Covering up the sociopath, planning the theft of the estate, stealing Intellectual property, attempting to sideline the GC with a sexual assault scandal to secure the billion dollar deal, whatever the plans were when they opened the door to Satan they were second to the religious organization's plan.

And as the world screams, they would not; Oh, contrary their actions prove their guilt.


Justice Watch: Jealousy, Greed, and The Seven Deadly Sins – The Victim X Story, is the third installment of a series of articles detailing the breakdown of the justice system when power and privilege clash.

Justice Watch and The Victim X Story are the property of Janet Walker.

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