Capresso H20 Select Programmable Kettle Review – State-of-the-Art, Stylish, Quick

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The Capresso H20 Select Programmable Stainless-steel Water Kettle with variable temperature control, a state-of-the-art, modern teapot is now offered from the same company that creates highly efficient brewing appliances including Espresso Machines, Coffee Pots and brewing accessories.

The contemporary designed Capresso H20 Select unit, out of box consists of a two-piece, brushed stainless-steel, silver, blue and grey unit. The power base houses the electrical plug and cord storage and the attractive and durable stainless-steel thermo kettle styling holds 56 ounces at capacity. The heating unit is concealed at the center of the power base which the kettle sits.

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The heat resistant, stay cool handle design also features on the top bridge the blue backlite LCD screen, providing clear, bright digital numeric readings, which shows the water temperature along with a symbol graphic, a stove kettle, indicating the water is fully heated. When the kettle is programmed to keep the water warm and a thermometer graphic is used as the indicator symbol.

A four-button panel is located directly under the digital illuminated temperature display also on the top bridge of the handle. Standard universal flip buttons, with separate buttons for temperature designated by a plus + sign to increase the water temperature or a – sign to decrease the water temperature. A traditional On/Off button and an open book design to indicate the program feature.

The lid on the Capresso H20 select programmable stainless-steel water kettle is not removeable which provides an additional safety feature and prevents spillage. The lid is designed with a push button release,

As a tea lover one cup is never enough and with time between steeps, keeping the kettle on a low heat often leads to an empty pot as the steam escapes. Want only two cups of tea and six ounces of water? The Capresso H20 Select Programmable Stainless-steel Water Kettle unit has water level indicators with ounce and cup markings for easy filling.

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The Capresso H20 select programmable stainless-steel water kettle will heat the water to precisely the temperature programmed. Should the water temperature desired be at precisely 212 degrees Fahrenheit the temperature the H2O select kettle can be programmed exactly.

If keeping the water warming is desired the stay warm temperature could not be programmed higher than 190 degrees. If the water temperature drops below the pre-set warming temperature by 10 degrees, the H20 Select will automatically begin reheating the water until it reaches the desired stay warm temperature and will keep the water warm for 40 minutes.

Overfilling the unit could result in spraying of extremely hot water, as boiling water bounces and rolls, and even with the protected lid, the water in the Capresso will spray and could cause burns.

A quick simmer to boil, the H20 Plus provides a fast, quiet boil with a safety auto shut off. Ever wake up or return home to find you left the coffee pot or water kettle on the burner only to find an encrusted burn? The H20 Plus, also has a built-in dry boil protection and an illuminated power switch, that automatically turns off upon boiling.

A gleaming, easy to clean, brushed stainless-steel dome, covers the highly efficient concealed heating element which boils water faster, quieter and safer than a stove top kettle. It shuts off automatically when water has reached a boil.

Fast, efficient, stylish, the H20 Select compliments any kitchen decor, while reducing the wait time for a perfectly brewed cup of tea and makes preparing French press coffee effortless. For any use that calls for heated water, from cooking or culinary needs like preparing yeast, instant soups or re-hydrating dried mushrooms or tomatoes or medicinal purposes (testing the temperature of course).

Guide to Steeping Tea

There are many factors that contribute to the perfect cup of brewed tea:

• The quality of the tea leaves

• Purity of the water

• Ratio of tea to hot water

• Correct steeping temperature for the specific type of tea

• Correct steeping time for the specific type of tea

• Adequate room for the tea leaves to expand and fully extract the best flavor

To extract the best taste from your tea, start every time with fresh, cold filtered water. Never re-boil water that has been left in the kettle as the taste could be stale or flat. Choose a high-quality tea and store the tea away from the light in a dark, airtight container.

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For each 6-8 ounces of water, use approximately: 2 grams/1 teaspoon of tea leaves or 1 teabag. When using a teaspoon to measure the tea, be sure to consider the surface size of the leaves. For larger tea leaves you may have to use a heaping teaspoon, whereas for finer teas you may want to use a level teaspoon. Always adjust the amount of tea and steeping time to your personal taste

Check below for each type of tea for accurate brewing temperature and steeping time. Each tea entry has the Water Temperature, the Steep Time and the amount of Re-steeping Times.

Green Tea 150-160°F; 2-4 minutes; 2-5 steeps

White Tea 175-180°F; 4-6 minutes; 3-5 steeps

Yerba Mate Tea 185°F; 3-5 minutes; 3-6 steeps

Oolong Tea 190°F; 5-8 minutes; 3-6 steeps

Black Tea 212°F; 4-6 minutes; Does not re-steep well

Rooibos Tea 212°F; 4-6 minutes; 1-3 steeps

Herbal Tea 212°F; 5-8 minutes; 1-3 steeps

Pour hot water into a pre-heated teapot or cup to ensure the water steeps the tea at the ideal temperature without being cooled by the pot or cup. Place tea leaves or tea bag into hot water rather than pouring the hot water directly over the leaves. Tea can burn easily if hot water is poured directly on the leaves. Allow adequate room for the tea leaves to expand when using a tea infuser.

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The majority of teas can be infused multiple times; in fact, some consider the second and third steeping’s better than the first. To re-steep loose tea leaves, always remove the leaves from the first extraction after steeping time is complete otherwise the leaves will become over extracted and bitter. Follow the chart above for the number of times each type of tea can be re-steeped. Never save the steeped tea leaves overnight, only re-steep tea leaves a few hours after the first steeping.

For fresh brewed iced tea, heat 4 cups (32 oz) of hot water and add 6-8 teaspoons of loose tea or 6-8 teabags. Allow teas to steep for 8-10 minutes then remove tea and add 4 cups (32 oz) of cold water. If desired, sweeten with sugar, honey or agave nectar and serve over ice.  

For more information:

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