Home, Décor: The Best Home Features for Entertaining Guests

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As the COVID-19 crisis is clouding our vision, soon we will be beyond the social distancing necessities and back to entertaining both large events and imitate gatherings. Thinking ahead, here are a few ideas to consider.

Whatever the event, an elegant and classy party or an intimate backyard grill master get-together, entertainment is at the heart of what we all wish to achieve with our home design and layout.

Austrian Wine, Wolfgang Puck, Chef José Andrés and the SLS Beverly Hills host the St. Vincent Meals on Wheels Benefit

Not every home is well-suited for elaborate events, so a few changes may be in order to make it the perfect setting. Here are some of the best home features for entertaining—once the social distancing bans are lifted.

Welcoming Entryway

The saying, "You only get one chance to make a first impression," is just as true when it comes to a home’s main entrance. It is a guest’s first impression, not only of the host or hostess but also of their personal aesthetic.

As such, it needs to be as warm and inviting to truly make them feel welcome. Fortunately, accomplishing this could be as simple as straightening up and adding a few accoutrements to accommodate weather such as hiring a coat check attendant and providing plastic umbrella bags should it be needed. Even a valet service, will go a long way in sending the right vibes when it comes to first impressions.

Spacious Kitchen Island

Of course, no party is complete without delicious hors’ d’oeuvres. Some events serve light hors’ d’oeuvres as pre-dining appetizers or heavy, which can curb appetites for a lite main course. Determining the culinary creations at any party are part of the advance pre-planning.

Annual New York Tastes Benefits City Harvest

Just as the kitchen is often a place where friends gather and conversations over cooking take place, an event will likely bring an unusual number of guests into the kitchen.

Most homeowners have recognized the necessity of an island in the kitchen.  The larger, the better as they serve a myriad of purposes.  

OCEANA Hosts Celebrity Studded Benefit

This addition not only adds an extra storage space to your kitchen, but also provides enough counter space for an uncongested buffet or a workstation for tray passed service. The clear path around the island will also naturally direct traffic through your kitchen and cut back on the amount of congestion in this area.

Atmospheric Home Bar

A handcrafted beverage can tie an event together and get your guests in a partying mood—especially if you’re serving them from your extravagant home bar. Because of their creative lighting options and custom design, home bars offer a unique atmosphere that will distinguish your party from others. These areas can also act as a refuge for people who want a more relaxed atmosphere away from the main party.

Ample Seating Areas

Don’t forget seating. Guests may become frustrated if they can’t find a comfortable seat. As such, it’s crucial that the host or hostess provides enough seating options for all the guests to ensure everyone has a great time.

Bentley Defines a New Style Inside; Debuts Distinctive Home Furnishings

Provide at least as many chairs as people invited, but also should keep a few extra to accommodate any unanticipated guests.

Haute Tease

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