Butcher Boys Review – Serving Up Frenzied Graphic Horror

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Butcher Boys” from Greeks Productions, Kitchen Sink Productions and Texas Chain Saw Massacre writer Kim Henkel, brings to the screen a deeply dark, shockingly graphic horror ride into the depth of modern Satanism.

Starring Ali Faulkner, Johnny Walters, Derek Lee Nixon, Gregory Kelly, and Troy Tompkins, “Butcher Boys,” is directed by Justin Graves and Duane Meeks who are making their feature directorial debut and is produced by Ian Henkel and Kim Henkel.

 Butcher Boys” begins casually as a Mexican American female and her sister stops at the local convenience store. One child enters the store; the older teen orders from a food truck. In a moment the door opens and she is abducted.

San Antonio, Texas, the backdrop for the film, is suffering under the rash of recent abductions, poster after poster, voice over in the form of local radio announcers detail the occurrences.

It is then we meet Sissy, played by Ali Faulkner, at the 17th Birthday party of Benny, played by Derek Lee Nixon along with Barbie, played by Tory Tompkins, and Mikey played by Phillip Wolf, who are eating cake and deciding on part two of the birthday celebration.

They stop for gas and Barbie, a looking for trouble and make it a double type of girl, the odd one of the bunch, begin what apparently is common for her and runs out of the store, after starting a fight, and keys the car. They end up being pursued by two other angry teens and all end up in a deserted industrial park. By accident they hit a dog, who happens to belong to the local gang.

This is where the violence begins.  The gang randomly and without thought kills the two teens who hit the dog, our birthday boy and his three friends, are looking for the exit in the maze of abandoned buildings only to get caught, of course, by the gang who disabled the car by using theirs as a battering ram.  

Needless to say, the birthday celebration ends badly, after the four run in different directions trying to avoid detection by the crazed cult fanatics.

Our heroine, Sissy, breaks away from the pack and locks herself into a room. She finds dynamite, duct tape and a lighter! I say toss the dynamite and end the whole thing. Unfortunately she decides to make herself into a suicide bomber with no real intention of blowing herself and everyone else up.

Butcher Boys” from here, dissolves in to a cannibalistic cult explosion. The cult fanatics are abducting the women to find the perfect, clean, female to reproduce the animal child of one of the lunatics, a growling, wild eyed, replication of the Loch Ness monster, who remains chained and is repeatedly tasered by his controllers who are angry over the delay as all hell seems to be breaking loose when Sissy, who obviously doesn’t live up to her name, continues to escape the clutches of the mad men who come complete with a mad scientist.

Butcher Boys” was written by the creator of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre so viewers can expect his brand of over the top gore, violence, mutilation and depravity.

Butcher Boys” is not a walk in the park and honestly for the directorial debut from Justin Meeks and Duane graves, it is good. It’s not a film that I would choose to see nor if I were undecided at the box office would it be one that I would contemplate.

And strictly from a directorial point of view, the two created a macabre scene, frenzied, at the end, pages of dialogue, characters out of control, a demonized dungeon with one voice of traumatized sanity, and did it well.

Having the chance to interview the directors, which will follow separately, one has to give them points for creating this world, this underbelly, which hopefully doesn’t, and yet it is possible that cannibalism cults and the fathomless evil does exist, and if it does I feel that Justin Meeks and Duane Graves have created something close to what that world would resemble.

Butcher Boys” is graphic, violent, disturbing, with depictions of cannibalism and flesh easting humans attacking each other with ferociousness of wild animals.  It clearly isn’t for everyone.

Butcher Boys” lives up to its name.

Butcher Boys” opens in select cities September 6, 2013.


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