White House Plumbers Review – Riveting Series Unpacks Watergate

White House Plumbers, a limited series from HBO MAX, takes on the infamous Watergate Scandal and unpacks the treasure trove of government secrets, the truth behind the lies, and provides just enough clues to reawaken sleeping theories.

White House Plumbers, a five-part series tells the true story of how Nixon's own political saboteurs and Watergate masterminds, E. Howard Hunt, played by Woody Harrelson, and G. Gordon Liddy, played by Justin Theroux, accidentally toppled the presidency they were trying to protect.

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During the initial episodes, White House Plumbers had an air of absurdity, which will leave viewers asking themselves the same questions, "with these men in charge pf political sabotage, how did this ever happen?"

As the episodes progress, it becomes obvious, that it isn't so much that the Liddy and Hunt were bungling burglars, it was that the sheer mass of government sanctioned criminality led them to believe that this minor hiccup in their otherwise illustrative covert careers, would be simply "handled."

During the first episode we understand that there were four attempts to break into the Democratic National Committee office in the Watergate hotel, and we understand at this juncture that the master burglar hired to pick the lock, Virgilio Gonzalez, played by Nelson Ascencio, didn't bring the right tools.

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Soon we begin to understand the burglar were friends of Hunt's from other covert activities he had been involved with during other presidents. After the leak of The Pentagon Papers, Liddy and Hunt were sent to break into Ellsberg's therapist office in LA. With each new covert operation, we understand Hunt and Liddy were back, just like the Cold War days, when covert activities were the bedrock of White House politics.

Once the burglars were caught and the carefully constructed facades began to crumble, and as in all government conspiracies someone has to take the fall, sacrificing themselves for the cause. It reminiscent of a movie, which  won't be named, which shows the President's helicopter being fired upon by stinger missiles the pilot radios, "Marine 2 prepare to sacrifice."

For Watergate, we understand it is spelled out everyone was paid well for some time to remain kept and quiet. Once the money dwindled, and the squeeze was on, the possibility of Hunt talking about operations past, and present became a very real scenario. It is also clear as the series progresses that bones are tossed out in hopes of sedating any further investigation.

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Even for those who lived through the times, the jarring reminders of the extent the government will go to cover up the depths of covert actions and activities, delivers a shocking and unexpected reminder. Answers to secrets that have remained sealed for decades are alluded to and met with reality. Of all the scandals that have originated in Washington, this one remains the most insidious and well-kept.

How far will the government go to cover up egregious actions? A plane crash, it worked once, did a group of bungling rouge government employees allow it to happen again? Was the Kennedy Assassination really a government project?

Although White House Plumbers presents the possibility, the idea that the government or J. Edgar Hoover or whomever would have the president assassinated because he dishonored the office, in our modern world, where we have lost faith and belief in government, it all seems plausible.

White House Plumbers is engaging, riveting and thriller. With some shocking revelations, the series is captivating. Told primarily from the point of view of Liddy and Hunt, White House Plumbers does not introduce The Washington Post newsroom, although savvy viewers may recognize Robert Redford's voice.

Binge-worthy, White House Plumbers is a must see!

TEMPLE S2 Review – A Binge-Worthy and Shocking Season 2

Country: US.

Language: English.

Runtime: Five episodes/60 minutes.

Director: David Mandel.

Producer: Jeffrey T. Bernstein.

Writer: Alex Gregory, Peter Huyck, Bud Krough, Matthew Krough.

Cast: Woody Harrelson, Justin Theroux, Lena Headey, Domhnall Gleeson, Kim Coates, Toby Huss, Liam James, Tony Plana, Yul Vazquez, Zoe Levin, Tre Ryder, Nelson Ascencio, Judy Greer, Ike Barinholtz, Prema Cruz, Kiernan Shipka, Alexis Valdes, F. Murray Abraham, John Carroll Lynch, Corbin Bernsen, Kathleen Turner.

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