Come Out Fighting Review – WWII Drama Delivers Drama, Action, Adventure

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Come Out Fighting, from Screen Media, presents a World War II drama where two missing soldiers, an Air Force fighter pilot and an Army demolition expert, the only survivor of a German ambush, must work together to survive.

The film begins with two Air Force fighter pilots, Lieutenant Frank Ross, played by Kellan Lutz, and Lieutenant Mike Rawlings, played by Andrew Stecker, returning from bombing mission see a train carrying German tanks, with limited fuel they take out the tracks which derail the train.

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Suddenly a German fighter jet appears, and the pilots engage in a firefight. The German kills Rawlings and Ross, ejects and while we see his parachute open safely. He disappears behind enemy lines.

The films cuts to a jeep of African American soldiers, they are on the way to clear the field. We understand, the troops are still confronting the evil of racism as the military units are segregated, and the enlisted are still carrying the generational issues into the battle.

Lieutenant Robert Hayes, played by Hiram A. Murray, is responsible for clearing the mines, and today as he and Sergeant AJ "Red" McCarron, played by Michael Jai White, and Private Michael "Salty" Buttons, played by Rich Lowe, are headed to field. They are met by 1st Lieutenant AJ Barron, played by Justen Jones, who is ill-equipped and unqualified for his position and blames everyone to cover his mistakes.

As Hayes begins clearing the mine, the Germans who have been listening to the frequency have positioned themselves to initiate an ambush. Suddenly, the attack begins and as Barron has led them to the middle of the field, they are without cover.

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The specialized squad of U.S. Army African American soldiers are unified in their training and through hand signals, they pull Hayes back from the field and return fire. Both units make it back to base.

This is where we meet Major Chase Anderson, played by Dolph Lundgren. The news is not good for Haynes, as Barron has filed a complaint blaming him for the ambush and he is being transferred to base command pending an investigation. Barron leads the transport and once again the unit is ambushed.

Haynes escapes alone and as he is attempting to find his way back to a safe zone he is grabbed by Lieutenant Ross. Now the two, one black, and one white, each carrying the baggage of the times, are stuck with each other.

Meanwhile, Hayes' unit found out that he is lost behind enemy lines and are determined to rescue him. This action, understandably, is insubordinate and unauthorized and could result in a court-martial for the entire unit, and still they agreed to move ahead.

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Sergeant Thomas, played by Vicellous Shannon, an all-around "if you need it, I can get it guy," finds out and as the unit is looking for help, we meet Tyrese Gibson, who leads the 761st tank battalion, known as "The Black Panthers," and they put a rescue mission in place.

Just about this time, Sgt. Thomas explains to Major Anderson the pilot is lost in the same place as Hayes and sending out a squad to rescue one could save both.

Come Out Fighting is an action-packed World War II adventure drama that delivers strong performances, genuine emotion, and a solid story line.

Come Out Fighting reveals an entirely new area of rich stories pulling back the layers on the forgotten contributions the role African Americans played during the war, including the Tuskegee "Red Tail" fighter pilots, the Black Panther tanks, and infantry, support staff.

The ensemble cast delivers strong performances that resonate as well as evoke emotion. More than jubilation for the victory but also the disdain for the clear racist behavior within the ranks.

Come Out Fighting opens in theaters Friday, May 19, 2023. See it.

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Country: U.S.

Runtime: 85 minutes.

Release Date: May 19, 2023.

Director: Steven Luke.

Producer: Steven Luke, Dean Bloxom, Andre Relis. 

Writer: Steven Luke.

Cast: Michael Jai White, Tyrese Gibson, Kellan Lutz, Hiram A. Murray, Dolph Lundgren, Vicellous Shannon, Justen Jones, Martin Davis, Gary David Keast, David Alvarado, Andrew Stecker, Claude Thomas Adams III, Aaron Courteau, Alexander Bartoli, Charles Scruggs, Brandon Farr.

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