Mercy Review – High-Octane Action Thriller Delivers

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Mercy, from Paramount Global Content Distribution, presents a high-octane action thriller as an Irish Mafia renegade son fights for control and is willing to kill everyone, including his family, to take over the criminal enterprise.

The film begins in Iraq, as Michelle, played by Leah Gibson, an Army doctor is working on the wounded. A solider is brought on a stretcher and she sees that it is her husband, a demolition specialist, who had been captured by the Taliban who strapped a bomb to him. She was unable to save him and is wounded in the blast.

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We also meet Ryan Quinn, played by Anthony Konechny, who has been arrested FBI Agents Ellis, played by Sebastian Roberts and is being transported when the Sean Quinn, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the eldest brother and who was passed over when his father, Patrick, played by Jon Voight, retired and left the family crime business to his son, Ryan.

During the ambush, Sean two of the FBI agents are killed, and Sean walks over to his brother and fires two shots into his stomach. Agent Ellis manages to escape, and the nearest hospital is Mercy, where Michelle is now working.

Today is a big day as it is her son's, Bobby, played by Anthony Bolognese, birthday and they are headed out of the hospital to celebrate. Her colleague is Dr. Terrence, played by Bobby Stewart. When the FBI rolls up, Michelle is almost out the door before she decides to stay and help the wounded. It is during the surgery that they find out the bullet lodged in Ryan abdomen is an exploding one and on impact it should have shredded his insides. Both men survive.

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Sean calls his father and soon the entire Quinn Family, along with their enforcers are at the hospital trying to find Ryan, each for very different reasons. This sets off a chain of reactions as Sean's men are trigger happy and act irrationally, and Patrick's men, older, follow his orders.

Soon Sean's men begin to terrorize the hospital staff, knocking out the guard Frank, played by Marc-Anthony Massiah, and killing a receptionist. Which causes Patrick to intervene and force them to listen though the only language they understand, violence.

Michelle hides her son, and he is found by Danny, played by Mark Masterton, and finally the Irish Mafia has a leverage point. Soon Patrick is explaining over the PA system that he wants to trade Bobby for Ryan and Michelle agrees.

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With only her wits and former training to guide her she finds herself pulled back into a deadly battle for survival where saving a life means killing.

Mercy is a fast-moving, riveting, intense action thriller that moves the needle with hidden surprises and popups throughout.

A solid cast, including Oscar winner Jon Voight, Leah Gibson, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, give impressive performances, and take this traditional action thriller and add octane boosting it to a whole new level.

Mercy, riveting and gripping, opens in theaters Friday, May 12, 2023. Check local listings. Mercy will also be premiering on digital Mary 19, and On Demand beginning June 2, 2023. An Entertaining, fast action, intense thriller Mercy delivers. See it!

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Country: U.S.

Runtime: 85minutes.

Release Date:   In Select Theatres May 12th, On Digital May 19th, On Demand June 2nd

Director: Tony Dean Smith.

Executive Producer: Steven Paul, Scott Karol, Jason Bourque, Jamie Lake.

Producer: Charles Cooper.

Writer: Alex Wright.

Cast: Jon Voight, Leah Gibson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Sebastian Roberts, Anthony Konechny, Patrick Roccas, Anthony Bolognese, Mike Dopud, Bradley Stryker, Caitlin Stryker, Bobby Stewart, Mark Masterton, Marc-Anthony Massiah, Ryan Russell.

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