Breakout Review – Entertaining Action-Packed Indie Delivers

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Breakout, from Uncork'd Entertainment, presents an explosive fast action story that begins with a high-speed chase through the streets of LA as two gangsters fresh from a heist end up in a shoot out and then in prison.

The story begins in LA, as teen teenage gangsters, the driver, Vincent, played Kristos Andrews, and his homie, played by Fre$h. A black SUV barrels up on them, and even with Vincent's driving skills, they are unable to lose him. They end up in a shootout and Vincent kills him. We find out he is a dirty LAPD.

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Vincent, who also goes by the name Victor, is sentenced to prison. When his dad, Alex, played by Louis Mandylor, who has a private investigator looking for him, finds out where he is he immediately goes to visit. One this same day, the California State Parole Board is holding a parole hearing from a serial bomber, Max Chandler, played by Brian Krause, a former LAPD officer, who as we hear during the hearing confessed to 15 bombings but was only convicted on four.

At the end of the hearing, Max Chandler is asked why they would ever consider granting him parole and he explains because he is more dangerous on in here than out there. And with that a series of bombs explode across the prison. The guard in parole hearing executes the parole board and Chandler casually removes his handcuffs which were never locked.

At this point, Alex is in the men's room when the explosion throws him against the wall. We find out during his visit with Victor that he was a former Black Ops or Special Forces, although the details are withheld, Victor still has issues with his dad, his job, and the long absences.

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Chandler takes over the maximum-security prison with a group of mercenaries, all imposing and lethal ex-Black Ops, Navy Seals, British Special Forces. Chandler also wants the world to see his most daring statement, so he videotapes himself in the parole office and sends it out to all. He takes over the PA system and grants all the prisoners the right to leave without repercussion or stay and join him.

Of course, a group of new recruits decide to join him, including Victor who helps arms the militia from the prison's arsenal.

The LAPD hostage negotiator Chaz Coleman, played by Tom Sizemore, arrives and like all hostage situations he is trying to buy time. Chandler, as a former LAPD knows all the tricks and pushes the right buttons to get his demands met quickly.

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"Director Brandon Slagle is quickly establishing himself as an action movie director to be reckoned with. Fans of Battle of Saipan and Crossbreed will definitely want to see this!" said Keith Leopard, President Uncork'd Entertainment. "Featuring one of the final performances by the late, great Tom Sizemore as Chaz, Breakout is a starry, tense ride."

Breakout is thoroughly entertaining. An indie film that plays like a big budget prison break action adventure, Breakout is a race against time thriller, with all the haunted house pop-ups, action fight scenes, and dramatic encounters. The story is well told, and innovative on a common theme: The hostage drama unfolds with a man on the inside on a single mission to save his loved one slowly begins to disarm the militia.

Breakout is available on streaming platforms. See it.

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Country: U.S.

Language: English.

Runtime: 86 minutes.

Director: Brandon Slagle.

Producer: Jarrett Furst, Devanny Pinn, Gregori J. Martin.

Writer: Robert Thompson, Brandon Slagle, Devanny Pinn.

Cast: Tom Sizemore, Louis Mandylor, Kristos Andrews, Brian Krause, Noel Gugliemi, Victor DiMattia, Howard McNair, Randy Charach, Fre$h, Jose Guapo, Isaac S. Singleton Jr., Daniielle Alexis, Anjelino Chabrieay, Mike Ferguson, Steve Hanks, Jeff M. Hill, Scotch Hopkins, Kent McGuire.

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