World News: Marine Le Pen’s Party Breaks From the GUD

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The break announced by Marine Le Pen with the GUD, in addition to highlighting an attempt to revive the National Rally’s credibility, confirms the transformation undertaken by the far-right party in  the perspective of 2027 presidential election.

By announcing her decision to distance herself from the Groupe Union Défense (GUD), a small far-right group founded in the seventies and to which she was close, Marine Le Pen is making a change here that some would describe very worrying for those who abhor the ideas defended by the former presidential candidate.

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For the supporters of the latter, on the other hand, this is a further step towards the rehabilitation of the party.   However, there is no doubt that this break with the GUD, presented as official, is part of Marine Le Pen's desire to give credibility to her party in view of the next presidential election.

Defeated, in any case does the far-right party espouse this post and try to conform to it, of these most repulsive garments, the National Rally remains driven by doctrines xenophobic and nationalist on which the former National Front had made its litter.

Polished Images

Certainly, cautious, and silent during the debates on the pension reform, often behind in the debates that animate the National Assembly, the National Rally tries since   the elections   In the June 2022 elections, it   will present the face of an acceptable political party, concerned about democracy, and imbued with social principles.

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This calculation, drawn up in the aftermath of Marine Le Pen's defeat in the second round of the presidential election, is however only a fool's game, basing its supposed success on the political and cultural weakness of its electorate. sensitive to smooth and polished images rather than to the ideological realities of the party.

The question now is therefore no longer whether this transformation will succeed, not as such, but rather whether the expected results will be achieved.   The danger to which democracy is exposed today is therefore real because to paraphrase Serge Reggiani, if the Wolves have entered Paris, they risk quickly spreading the worst possible evils.

Another question that is also emerging, namely: does Emmanuel Macron's policy favor the rise of the far right? The answer is most mixed because since   the seventies, despite some elections where it was severely swept away, the far-right party is slowly attracting a growing number of voters. To attribute it solely to Emmanuel Macron would therefore be excessive.

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Breeding Ground

Geographical isolation, social downgrading, the excessively exploited migration issue, unemployment in the countryside, the cultural desert in which its electorate wanders and other economic realities have fed the Theses of a party that has made misery and social despair its breeding ground for growth. Some, worried again, deplored the fragility of the Republican Front which had, and managed to contain, the arrival of the extreme right in power during the   last Presidential deadline when others fear to see this same front   shatter in the next presidential election.

While during the political crisis that followed the adoption of the pension reform through the use of Article 49.3, many spoke of a regime crisis, it is to be feared that   That French democracy is even more in danger in the face of the rise of the extreme right. It is therefore no longer appropriate today to evoke any crisis of regime but rather a real crisis of survival of democracy. 

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