Macron Implodes in the Minefield of Pension Reform

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French President Macron stumbled through the Pension Reform crisis and has yet to regain his footing as he walks through the minefield of French Party politics leaving him only one option: placate the populous to reform society.

Burdened by the pension reform, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron has not managed to turn the popular opinion that is still turned against him. This political crisis, which weakens his mandate, also amputates the opportunity that the president had to reform the country durably during his five-year term.

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Decidedly nothing helps. Neither the announcement of an overloaded agenda of future reforms, nor the evocation   of Jean Moulin, nor that of the Resistance or justice carried by the Republic, nothing seems to restore the zeal of the President of the Republic who drags like a ball the pension reform passed in force in the National Assembly.

Does this mean that the rest of the five-year term will be comparable to a Way of the Cross, or is one news story chasing another, the emotion aroused by the reform will end up slowly turned off. For the time being, there is no evidence of this effect. What to do then? Resign?

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The President of the Republic has announced that he refuses to do so. Dissolve the National Assembly   at the risk of losing the little majority, already relative, it has? Finally, after all these options, the President is left with the only one of resilience, a test so much more psychological than political as the latter calls for the intrinsic qualities of the individual to adapt to his environment.  

Pension Reform Reverberation

A question nevertheless arises, knowing that a pension reform was certainly necessary but not urgent, why has Macron not initiated other projects of companies eminently less political as his presidential agenda   was interrupted after the spring of 2027? 

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If the pension reform is already seen as the   black spot of the  President's five-year term, it is   a pity that it   is not used in his second term, defeated by any electoral pressure linked to a potential re-election to try, as he had begun in 2017, to reform a country gripped. All political observers agree on this point: Emmanuel Macron had before him a highway via which opened a multitude of reforms capable of transforming, at least trying, the French company.

By making pension reform a central issue and a crucial objective of his mandate when it is ultimately only a question of stewardship as recalled. Recently the engineer and teacher Jean-Marc Jancovici, the President of the  Republic mortgaged the next four years of his mandate without counting the  effects deleterious to  his majority and largely   to the presidential party. And some are shouting that this political  error has strengthened the far right in its presidential ambitions.  

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However, the idea is not new and will have to wait until 2027 to be confirmed or denied. For the time being, however, one thing is asserting itself as real: President Macron and his majority suffer as certainly no political   team under the Fifth Republic has suffered, hoping secretly that the magic of the first months of the first five-year term returns. But in politics, there is no magic. And if going back in time is impossible, assuming the moment is on the other hand a necessity.          


Bio: Olivier Longhi has extensive experience in European history. A seasoned journalist with fifteen years of experience, he is currently professor of history and geography in the Toulouse region of France. He has held a variety of publishing positions, including Head of Agency and Chief of Publishing. A journalist, recognized blogger, editor, and editorial project manager, he has trained and managed editorial teams, worked as a journalist for various local radio stations, a press and publishing consultant, and a communications consultant.

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