TEMPLE Review – Intriguing, Addicting, Binge-Worthy

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TEMPLE, from Topic Studios, presents an intriguing limited series, as desperation causes lives to collide and ideas that were once inconceivable become reality and with that a cascading chain of events erases all established limits.

The story begins as two men, from entirely different socio-economic backgrounds, one older, Daniel Milton, played by Mark Strong, an accomplished surgeon, and another younger, Jamie, played by Tobi King Bakare, a kid from the hood, without real direction, each entangled in situations that seemed to take on a life of their own, chose to become involved in crime.

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Daniel Milton, an respected physician who has just lost his wife, Beth, played by Catherine McCormack, to a degenerative illness, has arrived at his hospital, late under the guise of locating his diary. His real intent is to steal supplies, more than medicine, we see him gathering specific items.

On the other side Jamie, young, naïve, suddenly a tough guy hanging with career criminals on their way to pull a heist. As the driver of the getaway van, he has one job, and we understand he is a bit absent minded about the entirety of the situation.

So, when he gets distracted by a phone call, in the middle of the robbery, by his girlfriend, we understand his heart and head is just not in the game. His preoccupation with love, causes him to inadvertently lock the crew into the building. To avoid capture he takes off and leaves them.

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TEMPLE weaves throughout the present-day story, the events that led everyone to this point. This is where we meet Lee, played by Daniel Mays, a prepper, slang for someone who prepares for the inevitable natural disaster or catastrophic melt down. He is also short tempered, and believes he is severely misunderstood.

During the first episode we also meet Daniel's daughter, Eve, played by Lily Newmark, and understand through the memorial service that Beth, decided on suicide as opposed to lingering with a degenerative illness until she was a shadow of the person she once was and no longer viable. We also meet Daniel's, former lover Anna, played by Carice Van Houten.

By the end of episode one we understand that Daniel somehow became involved with Lee who operates an illegal underground clinic for people, primarily criminals who can not risk, for many reasons, obtaining medical care through the regular channels and Lee, a London city planner has discovered a massive underground, former bomb shelter, under the London Tube station.

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During the memorial service, Daniel receive a call and we understand that Jamie was at one time in the care of Lee and now, after the robbery he has been shot. So, he brings Jamie to the clinic, and he needs more blood than they have on hand which forces Daniel to be resourceful and call the one person, he believe he can trust, his former lover, Anna.

After Anna threatened to go to the police he explains the real reason for his involvement. So, what began in secret, out of necessity, has now become a team as he and Lee are joined by Anna, a guilt-ridden medical researcher, and Jamie, a young fugitive robber. Daniel does his best to juggle this dysfunctional team, but as he pushes his moral boundaries.

Streaming on Topic, TEMPLE is an attention grabbing, riveting, and gripping intellectual thriller. It immediately captures the attention as motivation, and moral and ethical boundaries suddenly become lost and each decision blurs the lines until they no longer exist taking our characters deeper into the medical care black market abyss. See it.

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Country: UK.

Language: English.

Runtime: 8 episodes/58minutes.

Director: Luke Snellin, Shariff Korver, Lisa Siwe, Christopher Smith, Shariff Korver, Frederick Louis Hviid, Tinge Krishnan.

Producer: Laurie Borg, Barney Reisz.

Writer: Erik Richter Strand, Mark O'Rowe, James Allen, Daniel Cullen, Josh Freedman Berthoud, Daneil Jackson, Colette Kane, Alan Westaway, Alwx Child, D.C. Moore. Based on the hit Norwegian series Valkyrien.

Cast:  Mark Strong, Carice Van Houten, Daniel Mays, Tobi King Bakare, Catherine McCormack, Chloe Pirrie, Lily Newmark, Ryan McKen, Anamria Marinca, Steffan Rhodri, Rhys Ifans, Wunmi Mosaku, Siena Kelly, Claire Rushbrook, Sam Hazeldine, Craig Parkison, Ruhtxjiaih Bellenea.

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