Juniper Review – A Emotional and Heartwarming Story of Redemption

Juniper, from Greenwich Entertainment, presents a story of redemption as three generations come to terms with their lives, pasts, and pain and find the freedom to release the anger that shackled them to destructive behaviors and hatred.

The film begins with Robert, played by Marton Csokes explaining to his son, Sam, played by George Ferrier, why his mother, Ruth, played by Charlotte Rampling, will be staying with him at the country house along with her nurse, Sarah, played by Edith Poor.

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Ruth is cantankerous, demanding, and a functional alcoholic. Her grandson, Sam, who has been suspended from his private school for fighting has an inner rage, is unhappy, and has deep anger toward his father and blames him for every issue, which as a teenager is blown out of proportion and he believes the ultimate pain he can cause his dad is to commit suicide and injure him forever.

Early in the film we see Ruth, who has a broken leg and is wheelchair bound, uses a buzzer when she needs, which is as loud and overbearing as she and breaks into Sam's thoughts, his video gaming time, and every activity he attempts in order to avoid having to assist her.

As she is an alcoholic, she explains quite clearly how to make her drinks, which she has made by the pitcher. Sam decides she is old, dying, and incompetent so he decides to water down the drinks. She immediately understands what he has down and the two of them come to a showdown of wills.

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Ruth is rude and hurtful, believing that age gives her the right to treat others badly, a habit that Sam is learning early. Finally they come to an agreement, she get Sam to name his price to clean up the gardens and he had his friends can have a party.

The boys come together and work as a team. In the afternoon she arranges an outing, and they all go to the mountainside as her desire to enjoy nature, is evident that she believes death is imminent. The change of scenery and as Ruth shows a different side of herself, she and Sam form an unexpected bond.

Soon he is dedicated to her needs, and one morning as he arrives with her breakfast, he is devastated as she has fallen into a coma. At the hospital, the doctor explains it is only a matter of time, and as Sam had found her cancer medication, he knew and still the pain of losing her, caused him to re-experience the trauma of losing his mother.

The few moments Sam and Ruth spent together bonded them and he decides to make her final moments one of beauty and love which sets up the reconciliatory ending.

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Juniper is a heartwarming, emotional story and is eloquently expressed. Charlotte Rampling delivers a perfect performance. The ensemble cast compliment her commanding, larger than life, presence. The only element that outshines her is the exquisite cinematography.

Juniper, story of forgiveness and redemption, is playing theatrically in select cities and beings streaming on Amazon and Apple TV April 4, 2023. See it.


Country: UK.

Language: English.

Runtime: 94 minutes.

Director: Matthew Saville.

Producer: Desray Armstrong, Angela Littlejohn.

Writer: Matthew J. Saville.

Cast: Charlotte Rampling, Marton Csokes, George Ferrier, Edith Poor.

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