Home, Gardens: Tips for Maintaining a Vacation Home When Away

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A vacation home is a home away from home; therefore, it deserves an equal amount of care. Tending to it only when visitors are present will diminish its value and could potentially cost more than it's worth.

Maintaining a vacation home from far away is not as difficult as it sounds and It's actually a very simple process. Follow these tips so the next visit is a relaxing and luxurious time.

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Create a List

Look over all the household appliances and areas that will require regular maintenance. Start creating a list from the last vacation or after purchasing the home. Trying to remember everything from far away will prove difficult.

On the list, categorize tasks and the expenses for every task. Depending on the home, some tasks might require more work than others. For the most part, the home will require a simple cleaning every few months to avoid collecting dust.

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Organize Help

From that list, decide who could maintain the home. Consider lending a key to a trusted neighbor. If that's not possible, hire staff to do most of the work. Ensure they are experts in the more complex areas.

Look into maintenance crews who conduct inspections and will ensure the home functions properly before your next visit. Hire someone to maintain the exterior as well. Yard work is important, and if there is a pool, make sure your staff avoids any pool maintenance mistakes.

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Install Security

Vacation homes are a target for thieves and other potential dangers because they are often empty. Install a high-tech security system to ensure the protection of the home and everything inside.

Choose a system that sends alerts and updates to your phone when people come and go while maintaining the grounds. The system should come with motion sensors, cameras, and an alarm. Cover all major entrances and exits. Only share the code with a select few, and ensure they arm the house after leaving.

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Visit More

Take more vacations. More vacations mean keeping better track of the home's state and conditions. During these visits, keep track of what's being neglected or possible changes the home needs in the future.

If more vacations aren't possible, try to get around to see the home at least three times a year. On every trip, go over a checklist, and create a new one after leaving. If there are things the staff needs to attend to, remind them after the trip.

A vacation home is as much of an investment as a long-term home. Maintain it in the best way possible to increase its value and make vacations more relaxing.

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