Home, Décor: Our Favorite Interior Design Trend Predictions for 2023

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With 2022 winding to a close, interior designers are beginning to look toward 2023. Many of these trends will build on those of previous years. Here are some of our favorite interior design trend predictions for 2023.

Curious about what interior design trends will be big next year? So are we. Here are some of our favorite predictions based on current trends in the industry.

Home, Décor: Ceiling Design Trends in 2023

Updated Home Offices

Ever since the world shut down in 2020, work-from-home jobs have become increasingly commonplace. Even companies with physical locations still offer many remote and hybrid positions. Personal home offices will continue to be a focus next year for this reason.

Home offices have become all about the intersection of function and fashion. In addition to decluttered desks and ergonomic chairs, natural light is being listed more frequently as an office necessity due to its ability to improve mood and mental health. Plants are also great features, as they look beautiful and bring life into the space.

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Open shelving installations placed behind desks are also becoming more popular. While people often used to neglect the areas behind their desks, in today's era, decorating the space a great way to show a little personality in a professional setting. Choose books and décor you love to create a conversation piece and a stunning background for your virtual meetings.

Continued Focus on Mental Health

If the trends of the last few years have taught us anything, it's the extent to which a space can affect someone's mood. We predict a continued focus on cozy, welcoming spaces in 2023. Earthy, warm hues and calming colors make spaces feel gentle and relaxed. Natural light and indoor plant life boost inhabitants' moods.

While trends seem to be steering away from the strict minimalism we've seen in the last few years, there's still a push for decluttered spaces. Minimal furniture layouts that leave plenty of room to maneuver are becoming popular. Instead of large couches that fill a room, we're seeing smaller, cozier nooks and spaces become commonplace.

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Favorite Trends From 2022

We predict these trends will stick around for a while yet. And yes—sliding barn doors are still in for 2023. Neutral, light-colored walls and bright, open spaces aren't going anywhere, either.

The monochromatic minimalist look isn't going out of fashion, just changing form. Rather than all-white living spaces, we're anticipating a twist on this trend—with black. Black and white monochromatic rooms ooze chicness and luxury. Pair gold elements—such as door handles and drawer pulls—to really spice up the look.

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Of all our interior design trend predictions for 2023, this one might be our favorite: lavender is here to stay, as Pantone's Color of the Year for 2022 indicates. We look forward to seeing this lovely shade in bedrooms, kitchens, and living spaces.

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