Haute for the Holidays: Luxury Designer Décor Tips

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It's that time of year to start decorating for the festive season. With endless possibilities, from traditional to modern and themed, find out how to make your home haute for the holidays with these luxury designer décor tips.

Like any event, the pre-planning stage is key. Even if many of the traditional holiday decorations are heirlooms or have sentimental value, possibly using a service that specializes in home holiday decorating will provide new insights into mixing the traditional with the modern and creating a warm holiday wonderland.

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Here are a few seasonal ideas inspire you to bring merriment and cheer into your home during the most wonderful time of year. The holidays can be times of great joy and happiness or great stress and angst as families gather, or estrangements are magnified. Figuring out how to stay haute for the holidays may change how you feel. Use these luxury designer décor tips to give the home festive cheer without going overboard.

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Use Scent

Candles, incense, and diffusers add scent to any space without overwhelming the décor. It's a simple way to make a room smell like the holidays. Choosing the right candles for each space is a personal preference. Mix and match sizes to create a full scheme or keep it simple with a few of one size.

Focus on Reflection

Holiday lights are beautiful but best kept outdoors. Instead, try bringing extra light into a space by decorating with mirrors, metals, and other reflective surfaces. Shiny décor makes the home feel more open and inviting.

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Be Subtle

Some holiday decorations are flashy and showy. Maintain elegance in your style with subtle changes to your décor. Consider switching out your rugs and throw pillows for ones with festive colors like blue, red, green, and gold. If you embrace minimalism, you can update your artwork with seasonal options to make your space look cheerful.

Decorate With Natural Elements

Pine trees are common holiday décor, but you can go further with wreaths and branches. Trees are bulky and potentially unrealistic in some spaces. Bring elements of the woods and winter inside your home when you use pine cones, spruce garlands, and other natural elements.

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It's easy to have an haute holiday by following these luxury designer décor tips. Enjoy elegance when you use subtle seasonal accents that provoke all the senses. Incorporate natural features like wood and metals as well as natural scents like pine and pumpkin. Customize your holiday for a high-quality experience.

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