Wine, Spirits, Epicurean: Planning Tips for an Exquisite Wine Tasting

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Wine tasting events are a fun and exciting way for esteemed members of any community to sample great-tasting new, unique, and exclusive, wines, dress for an evening out, and interact with each other in an upscale setting.

However, getting a wine tasting event planned and ready for success is stressful without knowing what goes into it. Here are three tips for planning an exquisite wine tasting event.

Hosting a memorable wine tasting brings the community together in a way that few events can. These are tips for planning an exquisite wine tasting event.

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Choose the Right Setting To Host the Event

The first step towards planning a wine tasting should be deciding the setting so an appropriate venue and materials are chosen. For example, will this wine tasting be at someone’s home or in a public location, such as a country club?

Another consideration should be whether the event will be indoors or outdoors. If the event is outdoors, don’t ruin the mood by using low-quality materials to cut costs. Luxury portable restrooms and canopies make guests feel welcomed.

Hiring the right sommelier not only helps during the event but in the planning stage as well. They can recommend the best locations, materials, and wines to have at the event.

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One more thing to think about is whether there will be a theme or not. Holiday-themed wine tastings are the best way to get into the season, but they require a bit more planning than a general event. Once all these things are figured out, then it’s time to choose the wines.

Think About Which Wines Would Be Best To Serve

For variety’s sake, it is recommended to showcase eight to 10 different types of wine at a tasting. Having a few other options allows guests to make a side-by-side comparison of the flavors and appreciate the contrast.

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Smaller gatherings only need one bottle for each wine, but larger gatherings with twelve guests or more need extra bottles for everyone to receive a satisfactory amount. Depending on the event’s theme, the ratio of white to red wine should vary, but reds tend to be more popular in general. Overall, selecting a diverse array of wine flavors from all over the world is a recipe for a successful event.

Make Sure the Food Is a Perfect Pair

Depending on the event theme, the wine should correspond with the food that’s prepared. Wines are meant to be paired with food from the same area, such as Italy or France.

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Holidays are another consideration, though some holiday food won’t pair well with wine. The most reliable pairings for wine are cheese, chocolate, charcuterie, and some fruit.

Hiring the right people to set up the event will help avoid stress. Those who follow these tips for planning an exquisite wine tasting event should have no problem wowing their guests when the day comes!

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