One Shot Review – Authentic, Surprising, Compelling

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One Shot, from Screen Media Films, presents a modern twist on the war on terror, as an elite squad of NAVY Seals are on an escort mission at an interrogation black site when the base is overrun.

The film begins as the squad of Seals, led by team leader Jake Harris, played by Scott Adkins, and Junior CIA analyst Zoe Anderson, Ashley Greene, are arriving at an island CIA black site to retrieve Amin Mansur, played by Waleed Elgadi, arrested at London’s Heathrow International Airport, as a suspected terrorist.

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As the helo lands, the Seal Team, Danny Dietler, played by Dino Keely, Lewis Ash, played by Jack Parr, and Brandon Whitaker, played Emmanuel Imani, ready for the extraction. Anderson and Harris make their way into the Operations building. Lead by Tom Shields, played by Terence Mann, the pair are escorted to the CO, Jack Yorke, played by Ryan Phillippe who as the audience is told “has been running on hate since 9/11.”

Yorke refuses to allow the extraction of Mansur until he determines the intel is accurate. Anderson explains there is an imminent threat on the homeland and the prisoner must be released into her custody and transported back to Washington, DC for further interrogation.

Determined to extract the prisoner, with or without “permission” they prepare to load and leave. Suddenly, a truck pulls up to the gate. Unannounced and unexpected the soldiers execute a series of commands to the driver.

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Suddenly, the gate is breeched and from the bed of the truck a large group of well-armed terrorists begin their assault on the base. With the base under attack, Mansur and Anderson ready for the extraction, a terrorist fires an RPG into the helicopter. Now the extract mission has shifted.

The Seals barricade themselves in the Operations, along with Mansur, Anderson, and Shields. Able to hold off the insurgent the team, understands they are sitting ducks, this fully loaded terror group wants Mansur.

Communications come up for minutes and we see that Yorke is still alive, in the military offices, fighting for survival. With one Seal dead, another wounded, their position breeched, and ammunition running low, Harris is left to reset the comm’s and call for assistance.

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Throughout the journey to the communication room, he becomes a one-man killing machine, as the terrorist leaders, Hakim Charef, played by Jess Liaudin and Dhelkor, played by Lee Charles, begin the assassination of hostages.

During this time, the Seals are losing ground, and Anderson is now forced to protect the detainee against forces from within and the forces on the outside that are determined to keep him from caving to CIA pressure and stopping another 9/11.

One Shot delivers with fast action and a compelling storyline, that carries through to the unanticipated ending. Authentic and surprising.

One Shot is On Demand Friday, November 5, 20210 and opens in theaters in select cities. Check local listings. See it.

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Country: USA.

Language: English.

Runtime: 96 minutes.

Director: James Nunn.

Writer: Jamie Russell. 

Produced by: Marc Goldberg, Ben Jacques.

Executive produced by: Sarah Gabriel, Seth Needle, Tamara Birkemoe, Conor McAdam, David Nagelberg.

Starring: Scott Adkins, Ashley Greene Khoury, Ryan Phillippe, Emmanuel Imani, Dino Kelly, Jack Parr, Waleed Elgadi, Terence Maynard, Jess Liaudin, Lee Charles, Andrei Maniata.

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