13 Minutes Review – Suspenseful, Disaster Flick Delivers

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13 Minutes, from Gravitas Ventures, presents a multi-layered disaster story, as four families in a small mid-western town each in the middle of a life crisis confront catastrophic devastation in the wake of the largest tornados on record.

The film begins on a stormy night in the Oklahoma plains. Tammy, played by Anne Heche, comes out of her home to read, and watch the storm. Loud claps of thunder can be heard and vivid lightening strikes land on the horizon. Suddenly, the lightening strikes the barn and in seconds it is consumed with fire. She calls for her husband, Rick, played by Trace Adkins, and their son, Luke, played by Will Peltz, who is mysteriously missing.

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As the morning begins, local weatherman, Brad, played by Facinelli, and Kim, his wife played by Amy Smart, and local disaster relief planner are aware of the potential of catastrophic storms. Their daughter, Peyton, played by Shaylee Mansfield, who is deaf, runs through the drill with her mom, on what to do if there is a tornado, before they leave for school.

We meet Maddy, played by Sofia Vassilieva as she is about to leave early for an appointment at the local family planning clinic, and her mom, Jess, played by Thora Birch, who understands something is wrong but can't quite tell just yet what's bothering her.

Then we meet Ana, played by Paz Vega, and Carlos, played by Yancey Arias. Immigrants who have settled in this town. Ana, as we find out is signing the papers today, and she will be a homeowner. Carlos is an expert mechanic, although unable to speak English he is limited to day labor.

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As the day progress the television continues to explain the potential of heavy storms, then worse the potential of Tornados. By afternoon, everyone is going about their day. Maddy has finally told her mother she is pregnant; Carlos was able to diagnosis the tractor issues and was sent to pick up the parts, Ana signed the papers for her house and Tammy and Rick are trying to figure out how they will meet the financial demands of the farm.

In the background, the television continues to build up the storm. Doppler radar shows an intense storm line, and this small town is centered in the middle of its path. Within minutes the issued tornado watches turning to warnings and all residents are ordered to seek shelter, immediately.

With the F5 bearing down on the families, and town, life interrupts the potential of catastrophic devastation with its own anguish. With only 13 minutes to find shelter, search for loved ones and fight for their lives, our families must overcome their differences and find strength in themselves and one another in order to survive.

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13 Minutes presents a true to life story. Portraying with authenticity, the normalcy of life, with all its curves, decides to overturn the presumption and the truths, shocking, unsettling and in some cases, severing rolls out and then the real storm hits.

Entertaining and a solid disaster film, 13 Minutes delivers with intensity, heightened special effects and authentic sound effects that pull the viewer into the middle of the storm. The cast delivers strong, solid performances.

13 Minutes is in theaters. See it.

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Country: USA.

Language: English.

Runtime: 108minutes.

Writer: Travis Farncombe, Lindsay Gossling.

Director: Lindsay Gossling.

Producer: Lindsay Gossling, Travis Farncombe.

Cast: Thora Birch, Amy Smart, Paz Vega, Peter Facinello, Sofua Vassilieva, Anne Hache, Laura Spencer, Trace Adkins, Shaylee Mansfield, Will Peltz, Gabriel Jarret, Davi Santos, Yancey Arias, James Austin Kerr, Tokala Black Elk, Darryl Cox, Ginger Gilmartin, Ginifer Ree.

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