Rogue Hostage Review – Real, An Action Packed High Drama Ride

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Rogue Hostage, from Vertical Entertainment, presents a contemporary drama as armed shooters take over a department store, armed with explosives and an agenda, and plan to murder everyone unless someone finds a way to disarm them.

The film begins in combat, a squad of Marines on night patrol are ambushed and take heavy fire, the sounds of gunfire, heightened fear, a rustle in the trees and Marine Kyle Snowden, played by Tyrese Gibson, shoots a member of his squad.

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Suddenly we awake from this night terror and escape the horror of war. For Kyle Snowden, the waking hours are devoted to Child protection services and caring for his daughter, Angel, played by Zani Jones Mybaysie.

Angel is spending the night with her grandfather, Congressman Sam Nelson, played by John Malkovich, so she can be with him with at the big press announcement the next morning.

The next morning, he and Clove, played by Brandi Bravo, investigate a child abandonment issue, and they remove a child, Manny, played by Carlos S. Sanchez, from the home. With breakfast on the agenda, against Snowden’s protests, the decide to go to Nelson’s supermarket/department store for food.

Just as the press conference is about to begin and Congressman Nelson calls all his employees up front, three masked and heavily armed shooters enter the store and within minutes employees scatter and just as they reach the exit, Eagan, played by Christopher Backus, informs everyone over the PA system the doors are rigged with C4, opening them will set off an explosion that will level the place and kill everyone.

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What follows are a series of demands from the shooters, the Congressman is ordered to recant the conviction of his former business partner, on the tape. Once that is completed, Eagan releases half of the hostages, both Snowden and his daughter are among those released.

Pulled by conscience and duty, Snowden sends his daughter out and returns to the store to help free the other hostages and the Congressman, his stepfather.

Still plagued by Post Traumatic Stress, in order to save those inside he has to find it himself to confront the mental hurdles that are working to squash the trauma and find a way past the blocks. With the clock ticking, He is left with about thirty minutes to get past the shooters and the inside man, disarm, restrain, or kill and gather all the hostages before the explosives detonate.

As he takes out the inside man first, he finds he is unable to pull the trigger. The second man, armed with a semi-automatic is fighting to the death, and finally the marine, the combat ready and trained solider appears, and suddenly the fight takes a different turn.

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Rogue Hostage, a very real and contemporary drama, grabs the attention and offers an unadulterated action-packed, high drama, adrenaline ride.

With a familiar cast, the ensemble delivers solid performances and certainly captures the various levels of trauma, which at times plays out in hostage dramas.

Rogue Hostage opens in select theaters and on streaming platforms June 11, 2021. See it.

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Country: USA.

Language: English.

Runtime: 87minutes.

Release Date: June 11, 2021.

Director: Jon Keeyes.

Writer: Mickey Solis.

Producer: Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Beckerman, Tyrese Gibson, Jon Keeyes.

Cast: Tyrese Gibson, John Malkovich, Michael Jai White, Christopher Backus, Luna Lauren Velez, Holly Taylor.

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