Autos, Yachts, Jets: Which Luxury Car Is The Right Choice

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Luxury isn’t limited; it deserves a place everywhere in life, including our cars—that’s why choosing the right luxury vehicle can give us years of driving pleasure while we indulge in its comfort, unmatched style, and sophistication.

Whoever says a car is just a means of transportation has clearly never been behind the wheel of a convertible Porsche on a sunny day. Luxury cars are a worthy investment for those of us who enjoy the finer things in life.

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Whether you’re looking for your first luxury vehicle or simply something new, lifestyle and personality play an important role in choosing the right luxury car. Let’s take a look at the three most popular luxury vehicles and why we love them. It may help you decide which luxury car is right for you.

Mercedes Benz

Sort of just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Yes, we all deserve a Mercedes Benz, and here’s why.

The Mercedes is well-suited for those who are sophisticated and meticulous. Built for speed, many choose it simply for its impeccable style and comfort. These cars are known for having incredible attention to detail, especially on their interiors.

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The softest leather embraces its passengers, along with multiple details that bring comfort and convenience. The German ingenuity that created the Mercedes, has, in turn, created generations of faithful followers.

Although with an exciting interior, the exterior of the Mercedes Benz is recognizable all over the world thanks to its sleek shape and simply beautiful style. Some Mercedes fans increase the beauty and rarity with auto body kits and other upgrades. They can do this for enjoyment—or perhaps they do it to turn more heads.

Let’s look at a small sampling of a few favorites:

S-class sedan, E-class Coupe, GLB SUV


The Germans seem to be onto something.

Somewhere along the way, BMW drivers were pegged as either young and wild or entering midlife crisis mode. We beg to differ, and thankfully the stereotype is constantly proved incorrect. No other car simultaneously says luxury, elegance, and sportiness the way the BMW does. If high speeds and status are your thing, we’ve found which luxury car is right for you.

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There’s more to the stereotype saga of the BMW, and we may agree with this one. Studies show BMW drivers lean toward leadership roles in life and, more often than not, are quite successful in their careers. This doesn’t mean all successful people should drive BMWs, but if the shoe fits, wear it!

Three popular BMWs are: BMW X3, BMW M3, BMW M4 CS

The Porsche

This is the car our teenagers beg for, but only adults can afford. Although, we must admit, with all of its advanced technology, our teenagers may have to help us learn to operate it.

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The Porsche never disappoints with the latest and greatest in luxury sports cars. Please, do we even need to say it? If you’re looking for sporty and luxury, then yes, Porsche has it all. High speeds, the ability to easily hug tight curves, and an interior so comfortable and advanced we forget we’re in a car.

Here are three classic models that Porsche fans love:

The Macan, The 718 Cayman, The 911

Many luxury cars are on the market today, but the Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Porsche have always been and always will be elegant and sophisticated and designed with superior comfort. They all bring meaning to the word classic.

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