World News: Middle East Erupts

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The bloody clashes between Israel and Palestine as each decide to display a determined dominance highlight the inertia of international organizations in resolving deep opposition but also reveal the existence of diplomatic rivalries worthy of the Cold War.

Between peace treaties signed and then flouted and resumption of ever more cruel hostilities over the years, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been fueling international news for more than seventy years, between hopes for reconciliation and affronts where even the harshest violence seems to have been overcome.

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Yet, in addition to the causes of this conflict, it is not useless to look at what it still represents today, beyond the opposition between Palestinian and Israeli. Created in the aftermath of the destructive fury of the Second World War, the State of Israel established itself on the international scene in a nascent Cold War climate, where the first lines of fractures that continued until the early seventies were emerging.

First supported by France in the sixties, Israel gradually detached itself from Paris and turned to the United States, which then became, and remained so, the first supporters of the Hebrew state.

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Ally and Bipolarity

And while Joe Biden, the newly elected president of the United States, has shown reluctance to intervene to ease tensions and the new outbreak of violence, the star-studded country remains Israel's first ally. In this configuration, what then is support for the Palestinian people?

Western Europe, aware of the need for Israel to have a state, has always been equally supportive of the recognition of an autonomous and independent Palestinian entity, as is Vladimir Putin's Russia, which is active in the region through its intervention in Syria.

Thus, in view of its elements, which confirm a form of bipolarity that was thought to be obsolete or even disappeared, emerges a scent of cold war of which Israel would be the last bastion the ultimate space of confrontation, where the United States and Russia support both sides in the context of a proxy opposition far from passing away with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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The Hebrew state, which has been in a state of permanent war since 1948, has finally not benefited from the dislocation of the East-West confrontation that has long prevailed. On the contrary, to his defending body, he nourishes and maintains it, Russia and the United States seeing this as a means to exercise their respective influences and thereby secure valuable support in an explosive region.

Earth and Vet

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is a point of fixation and diplomatic tension, continues to reveal the inertia of nations trapped in the need to recognize the right to a two-people state on the same earth. Cornélien...!

The United Nations (UN), which since 1967, and the Six-Day War, condemns the occupation of eponymous territories and multiplies resolutions in order to enforce international law, systematically runs into the veto of either the United States or Russia, further discrediting its image, its action, and its usefulness since it is flouted by two major nations.

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The European Union, caught between guilt and necessity, continues to get lost in procrastination where declarations of intent are jostled without effect. ( Thus, while the region seems to be moving towards inextricable social and human situations that are the fruit of positions on the verge of irreconcilable, the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis remains a space for an outdated and obsolete confrontation. And for what cause?



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