Money News: DOW, US Markets Strong; World Markets Close UP

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The four major US Markets stayed strong throughout the week, as the world markets rallied on the news of the G20 summit, and consumer confidence remained high heading into the make or break holiday shopping season.


The DOW opened at 17,721.01 and held a daily range of 17,21.02-to-17,894.83 as the markets continued to rebound regaining strength even shaking off early fears as retailers headed into the traditional shopping season with investor and consumer confidence staying strong.  

The DOW continued its daily rally closed up, nearing a new record, at 17,810.06 with a gain of (+91.06/+0.51%).

The Gainers for the week include Endurance International Group Holdings Inc (+2.45/+16.70%) with a closing price of $17.12 per share, Ross Stores Inc closed up at $89.30 per share for a gain of (+6.09/+7.32%), Exact Sciences Corp closed at $23.98 per share for a gain of (+1.49/+6.63%) and Paylocity Holding Corp closing at +30.03 per share up at (+1.76/+6.23%).

Losers for the week included Microsoft, in medium trading, moved 42.88M shares closing down at $47.98 per share for a slight loss of (-1.48%) Intel Corp, also in medium trading moved 56.72M shares, closed at $35.59 per share with a loss of (-1.00%).

Tech stocks were active on the DOW throughout the past week   Apple Inc closing up at $116.47 with a gain of +0.14%, Cisco Systems Inc moving 31.91M shares  closed up at26.88 per share for a gain of (0.26%).

The NASDAQ recovered from the slightly fall, rallied and closed up at 4,712.97 with a gain of (+11.10/+0.24%).

The S&P 500 experienced small gains closing slightly up at 2,063.50 for a gain of (+10.75/+0.52%).

Russell 2000 mini experienced mild losses closing slightly up at 1,172.42 for a loss of (+1.67/+0.14%).

World Markets

The ten most watched world markets Canada's S&P TSX Composite, the Dow Jones Industrial Average of the U.S., Mexico's IPC, London's FTSE 100, CAC 40 of France, Germany's DAX, the SENEX of India, the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index, Japan's Nekkei 225 and the Shanghai Composite all closed up.

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei 225, after the last two weeks of double digit gains pushing the weak Japanese yen toward a solid road to recovery, rallied fighting the past week's loss with a double digit gain closing at 17,357.51 with gain of (+56.65/+0.33%). 

Gainers for the week include Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd (+68.00/+4.02%), Unitika Ltd   (+2.00/+3.57%), Toho Zinc Co Ltd (+13.00/+3.46%) and JFE Holdings Inc(+73.50/+3.09%),

Losers include Nippon Sheet Glass Co Ltd (-3.00/-2.56%), Sumco Corp (-38.00/-2.48%), Sharp Corp (-6.00/-2.01%) and Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd (-28.00/-1.83%). Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co Ltd

Movers on the Nikkei include Mizuho Financial Group moved 93.53M shares in heavy trading closing down at ¥204.40 for a slight loss (+0.34%), Unitika Ltd in strong trading moved 112.95M shares and closed up at ¥58.00 per share for a gain of (+3.57) and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc in light trading at 44.74M shares to closed up at ¥670.90 per share for a gain of (+0.10%).

FTSE 100

London Markets, in strong trading, mirrored the European Markets and managed double digit gains closing up at 6750.76 with a gain of (+71.86/+1.08%).

Big winners in the FTSE 100 include Anglo American PLC (+83.50/+6.46%), Rio Tinto PLC (+183.50/+6.40%), Tullow Oil PLC (+28.20/+5.91%) BHP Billiton PLC (+82.50/+5.21%).

Losers include Imperial Tobacco Group PLC (-43.00/-1.47%), Royal Bank of Scotland Group (The) PLC (-3.42/-0.89%), TUI Travel PLC (-3.80/-0.89%) and Dixons Carphone PLC (-3.70/-0.88%).

Active on the FTSE 100 included Lloyds Banking Group moving 88.58M shares continuing its run with a seventh straight week of solid trading and regaining its strength closing up at €78.52 for a gain of +0.51%, Vodafone Group PLC moved 46.17M shares, also riding a seventh week of solid trading closed up at €228.30 with a gain of +0.64% and Barclays PLC moved 33.26M shares closing at €236.10 for a gain of +0.90%.

Hang Seng Index

The Hang Sang Index, always a roller coaster, mirrored the Japanese Nikkei 225 as the three major Asian markets performed solidly with the Hang Seng and the Nikkei both closing up. The Hang Seng closed up at 23,437.12 with double digit gains of (+87.48/+0.37%) while the Shanghai Composite also closed up.

Gainers on the Hang Seng Index include Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd (Hong Kong) (+2.05/+4.07%), CNOOC Ltd (Hong Kong) (+0.36/+3.14%), China Resources Land Ltd (+0.48/+2.86%), China Resources Enterprise Ltd (+0.42/+2.70%).

Active trading on the Heng Seng Hong Kong Index includes Bank of China Ltd moving, in heavy trading for the second consecutive week, 181.52M shares closing up HK$3.73 and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Corp also in heavy trading moved 169.80M shares closing up at HDK$4.96 with a gain of (+0.40%).

Losers for the week include New World Development Co Ltd (Hong Kong) (-0.34/-3.56%) China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd (Hong Kong) (-0.30/-0.95%),  Tencent Holdings Ltd (-0.80/-0.64%), HSBC Holdings PLC  (-0.45/-0.59%).

Source: Bing Finance

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