The Photographing Tourist Book Review – Beautiful Images, Informative and Inviting

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The Photographing Tourist, from D. F. Noyes Studios, brings to the pages an inviting, informative and international journey for the novice photographer and armchair traveler to the trekker ready with bags packed and camera in hand.

Authored by internationally recognized traveler writer and photographer David Noyes, The Photographing Tourist – A Storyteller's Guide to Travel and Photography showcases his global adventures, passionately working both the camera and the pen.

At 209 pages, and with more than 300 images, The Photographing Tourist does more than most travel books by combining the passion of photography with the author's own desire to share his knowledge and pass it on to anyone who may be interested. Throughout the book the author has included valuable information on elements of design, composition, depth of filed, exposure, using lines, and developing a point of view.

The fortunate who look between the pages will be treated to an around the world adventure full of fascinating images and full-length features articles. A geographical journey adding instructional techniques, full length features and an insight into life in the forgotten places.

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The chapter titles paint a picture of what stories the pages will tell, "Innocent Eyes," "Going Beyond the Snapshot," "Local Lifestyles," "Where People Gather," "Spiritual Worlds and Scared Places," "Landmarks and Famous Places," "Nature's Spectacle," "The Adventure Begins," "Focus on Change."

Noyes also provides tips for the photographer in sidebar margins. Technical Shorts provide quick instructional bits on common photography techniques including "Composition," "Bullseye Effect," "Rule of Thirds," "Sidelight and Backlight," "Angle of View," "Point of View," "Elements of Design," "Principles of Design," "Artificial Light," "Fill Flash," "Controlling Focus," "Depth of Field," "The Blind Shot," "Using Lines," "Exposure," "A Filtered Effect," "A Matter of Perspective," "Vanishing Point."

Noyes describes the photography experiences as one which connects him to the people to do more than take snapshots of the scenery.

Field Notes for the photographer are also featured as Noyes provides personal insights which have helped him on photo shoots. Honoring customs and awareness of local mores are among the tips outlined in the series of one page inserts titled, "Connect Before you Click," "A Hill Tribe Spectacle," "Alone in Kolkata," "Sunrise over Bagan," "A Holy City in a Holy Land," "Awakening the Dragon," "The Lost City of the Inca," "Europe's Coolest Little Hot Spots," "Alaska Cruise Adventure," "Midnight Accent."

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The Photographing Tourist – A Storyteller's Guide to Travel and Photography also includes magazine, style travel articles. Each of the long form articles provide deeper insights into the region, customs, lives, lifestyles, and people.

Reading the feature's, we are introduced to the indigenous peoples, elders and children, the aged and innocent, we learn the culture, heritage, forgotten pockets of humanity rarely seen. Filled with stories about isolated cultures, exploring local life, and challenging personal adventures, this storytellers guide takes the reader from East Africa, to Nepal, China, Greenland and other off the road stories including "Nepal Through Innocent Eyes," "Gypsies, Gods, and Dromedaries," "The Sacred City of Shiva," "The Lure of Tibet," "The Everest Highway," "The Enchanted Isles," and "Naked by Choice."

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Above all, this book will encourage you to truly cherish your chance encounters as you photograph the world. The Photographing Tourist has won twenty-two 22 National and International Book Awards, Finalist Benjamin Franklin Award, Bronze Recognized with the Bronze Independent Publishing Book Awards, Gold Prize Winner 2015 National North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA), Bronze Award Winner Excellence in Independent Publishing, IndieFab Finalist.

Noyes also founded the Innocent Eyes Project, a United States-based nonprofit corporation that supports child education programs in the developing world. He is online at

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Blending advice, expert tips, fascinating stories and stunning images The Photographing Tourist – A Storyteller's Guide to Travel and Photography is a must for any photographer's collection.

For more information or to purchase The Photographing Tourist:

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