Tokyo Serial Killer Shock Police; Two Severed Heads and Parts of Nine Bodies Found

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Tokyo Metropolitan Police made a grisly discovery after they went to the home of a person of interest in a missing person case finding nine severed heads and multiple body parts in coolers packed with cat litter.

Takahiro Shiraishi, 27, who has admitted to one murder and dismembering the body, has been charged with dumping a body. He has yet to be arraigned on the severity of the possible charges and is expected to be charged with up to nine murders and other crimes.

"It's true that I tried to hide the bodies of the people I killed to destroy evidence," Shiraishi was quoted as saying by the police, the Japan Times reports.

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Investigators have identified the parts of eight women and one man. All were dismembered inside the bathtub of the upscale townhouse and the parts packed for safekeeping. Some parts, sources have said Shiaishi told them, were tossed in the garbage.

The apartment of horrors was discovered as Shiraishi became a suspect in the disappearance of a woman, 23,  from Hachioji, Tokyo. Investigators were led to his apartment after the coed and Shiraishi, were seen together on security camera at a local train station.

The missing coed had posted a social media message indicating she did not want to die alone. The message was posted on a suicide site. She was reported missing by her brother. It is unclear if any of the corpses or body parts have matched the missing female.

Neighbor's reported a foul order coming from the apartment over the past two months. Shiraishi recently moved to Zuma, a well-to-do suburban city southwest of Tokyo two months ago and all the victims found inside the apartment were killed in this area.

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It is unclear if the 27 year-old serial killer left a trail of murder, horror and body parts at his previous addresses.

According to sources close to the investigation Shiraishi has admitted to taking money from the victims and that robbery was his primary motive.

Many across Japan are in shock as violent crimes are allegedly decreasing throughout the nation and a serial killer able to hide the severity of what was found inside Takahiro Shiraishi apartment has the public wondering how this could have happened.

This is  breaking news story.

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