Stocks Close the Week Slightly Strong; World Markets Fluctuate

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The DOW closed the week of June 27, 2014, slightly stronger with minimal gains over the week and only peaked out of a disastrous week long slide with Tuesday's two hour bullish run. World Markets from Japan to London reflected the same pendulum swing.

The DOW surged up at 16, 851.84 gaining 5.71/0.03%. Winners for the week include Microsoft, Boeing, Ford and GE with 3M and Exxon Mobil on the down side.

The NASDAQ also rallied closing strong at 4397.93 up 18.88/0.43% after a roller coaster ride throughout the week that saw a strong pendulum swing.

The S&P 500 had a disastrous week and still managed to close up at 1960.96 with a gain of 3.74/0.19%.

World Markets

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei plummeted after peaking at 15, 419.75 plunged in an out of control free-fall to a week low of 15,027.41 to close the week at 15,095.00 with a loss of 213.49/1.39%.

Big winners for the week include Oki Electric, Credit Sasion, Shinsei Bank, and Kaisai Electric, Nippon, Mitsubishi, Kobe Steel and Toyobo on the down side.

FTSE 100

London Markets saw a disastrous week and still managed to close on the upside at 6757.77 a net gain of 22.65/0.34%.

Big winner in the FTSE 100 Rolls Royce Holdings, Vodafone, Aviva PLC, and Barclays Banks with BG Group PLC, Petrofac Ltd., and easyJet PLC on the down side.

Hang Seng Index

The Hong Kong Markets performed well throughout the week posting net gains daily. The week ended on a high note closing at 23,221.52 with a net gain of 23.69/0.10%

Big winners in the Hang Seng market include AIA Group, Ltd., China Mengniu Dairy and Want Want China, with HSBC Holdings, Ltd., Hengan Internationals and Kunlun Energy on the downside. 

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