Beltway Insider: U.S Offers Nigeria Assistance; Ukraine Strikes Back; Benghazi Special Panel Convenes

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President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, the government of Great Britain, leading politicians and citizens are voicing the need for urgency by the Nigerian government in addressing the middle of the night kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls.


According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week gained two percentage points to 45% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President dropped one percentage point to 50%. 

U.S Offers Nigerians Assistance

President Barack Obama spoke with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, this week, reiterating his concern and commitment to assisting in the recovery and safe return of the Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped more than one month ago from their school dormitory.

 "The assistance that President Obama has committed to provide is military assistance, law enforcement assistance and information-sharing assistance. He is committed to doing all that we can here in the United States to support the effort of the Nigerian government to find these girls that have been kidnapped and return them home safely, as soon as possible," said White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

As Nigeria is the lead in this investigation, the President has designated Secretary of State Kerry to maintain the lines of communication as time is of the essence and the United States can only participate on the level permitted.

The F.B.I and Department of Justice, as well as agencies at every level, are prepared, when invited to extend all areas of expertise in assisting the Nigerian government as they pursue the recovery of the girls, and prosecution of the kidnappers.

President Jonathan has promised all cooperation and has yet to accept the wide scale offer from the United States. The Nigerian government, who has been engaged on all levels, has a responsibility to protect its citizens and utilize expertise from any of the several countries who are offering. By accepting the offers the Nigerians are exhibiting its commitment and pledges to the president as well as his pledges to its citizens.

"We urge the Nigerian government to ensure that it is bringing all appropriate resources to bear in a concerted effort to ensure their safe return.  We are absolutely committed to helping Nigeria, but it is the Nigerian government's responsibility, first and foremost, to maintain the safety and security of its citizens.  And we urge the Nigerian government to take action to ensure that it is bringing all appropriate resources to bear in the effort to find them and free them," said Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary.

First Lady Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and members of the government of Great Britain are voicing the need for concerted effort to address this situation.

The Nigerian terrorist organization Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for the mass kidnapping presumably selling the girls into slavery.

Ukraine Defies Putin, Protesters

The Ukraine National Guard, after two months of resisting the use of force, has fired upon insurgents in the eastern Ukraine Donetsk region, wounding two and killing one.

On the brink of civil war, Pro-Russian protesters have continued to gather strength and build a platform for what the U.S. and other countries are slamming as "illegal" elections which allows parts of eastern Ukraine to succeed to Russian authority and rule.

All efforts are continuing toward the May 25 general elections where the people of the Ukraine will have the opportunity to elect, through the democratic process, a leader of their choice.

"We and our partners as well as the Ukrainian government are focused on just that, which is making sure that Ukraine does have that ability.  And it's important to remember that despite the violence and chaos that we've seen in some cities of Ukraine, the significant majority of the nation, is calm, and we expect that elections will proceed and that Ukrainians will be able to exercise their fundamental right to vote for a candidate for president, "said Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary.

The European Union, as well as all member nations, the United Nations, the United States and all G7 partners and allies have slammed the annexation of Crimea as illegal and enforced the global concern over Putin's continued violation of territorial sovereignty with the implementation of economic and diplomatic sanctions.

President Putin has also urged pro-Russian Ukraine citizens to hold off on any further public displays of separatist's efforts including holding off on any voting processes as he is attempting diplomatic dialogue to end the current crisis.

 "There is no evidence to date that there has been a meaningful and transparent withdrawal of Russian forces from the Ukrainian border. President Putin committed to a few important actions in Geneva which included withdrawing troops from the border, strong support for the election that's planned in Ukraine for May 25th, and using their influence in eastern and southern Ukraine to encourage separatists to lay down their arms and to put an end to the violence in that region," Carney said.

The United Nations has denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin's continued attempt to carve out an even greater Russian from it neighbors.

Putin visited Crimea for the first time since the illegal takeover, election and "unified" secession of the 10Ksq mile peninsula situated on the Black Sea.

Benghazi Special Panel Convenes

A special House panel investigation has convened into the September 11, 2012 terror attack on the Benghazi Embassy which left three Americans dead, including Libyan Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced within days of the attack, that left the embassy burned to the ground, her responsibility.

Finer points of culpability, including the talking points prepared for the Sunday morning democratic clean up teams as it was six weeks before the November elections, are continuing to be examined for inconsistencies, lies, and administrational responsibility.

 "We have cooperated with a number of inquiries related to Benghazi.  Some of those have been partisan in nature, but have still enjoyed remarkable cooperation from the administration. There has been remarkable cooperation from the administration, with Congress, who has been looking into this," said White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary, Josh Earnest.

Political officials across both parties and houses have made Benghazi responsibility a priority and in the 18months that have passed, seven different congressional investigations have been conducted. Five different congressional reports have been issued.  Eight subpoenas have been issued.  Thirteen hearings have been held.  Fifty different briefings for staff and members have been held. Twenty-five transcribed interviews have been conducted and over 25, 000 pages of documents have been produced.

The terror world acknowledges September 11, as a holy day, a day to be honored as it was the day the Great Satan America was penetrated and made to pay for her sins; those who hold positions, of authority and power in the United States, from the Commander-in-Chief down, do not.

"The President's concern as it relates to this issue has been bringing to justice those who perpetrated this terrible act.  There is an active, ongoing FBI investigation on that right now," said Ernest.

A clear failure to increase security throughout the Middle East region, especially in the wake of Arab Spring, and in high terror watch countries causes one to wonder what foreign policy was being in place.

The olive branch foreign policy, employed at the time of Benghazi, to known terror groups and countries that harbor terrorists provided a peace offering which resulted in the death of three Americans and left the Benghazi embassy in flames as well as the closure of embassies across the Middle East under siege.

"The President is also concerned with making sure that the recommendations forwarded by the Accountability Review Board , an impartial panel that was chaired by Ambassador Pickering and Admiral Mike Mullen, are being implemented," said Earnest.

In the wake of Benghazi the President "is committed" to making sure security measures are in place at U.S. facilities all across the world and to make sure that all security measure necessary to keep our diplomats safe is in place.

Hillary's Liability in 2016

While Ms. Clinton has yet to announce a presidential run, grass roots campaigns are popping up throughout the country with big money benefactors and fundraisers filling her war chest with enough cash to cause all to deem her a viable candidate. These oversights have come back to haunt the 2016 presidential hopeful. 

Obviously, Clinton's state department record will be reviewed producing two major failures. One, of course, Benghazi and the death of Ambassador Stevens, of which she announced the blame solely rests on her. 

This leads a serious breach in thought, throughout the current White House which includes Clinton's clear statements and leaves the American people domestically and abroad at risk and security vulnerable.

The second failure, under the former secretary of state, was not elevating Boko Haram, a known terror group to watch status, now believed to be the group responsible for the middle of the night kidnapping of more than 200 girls in Nigeria.


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