Beltway Insider: ORLANDO SHOOTING KILLS 50; Deadliest U.S. Massacre; Election 2016; Stanford Verdict; Muhammad Ali

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An ISIS lone wolf terrorist entered the Orlando Gay Club Pulse, well known in the local LGBT community, early Sunday morning and for the next three hours methodically murdered 50 patrons, and critically injured 53.

According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, remained consistent at 52% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President also remained consistent at 44%.

Orlando Mass Shooting Kills 50; Injures 53

“Today marks the deadliest shooting in American history.  The shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle.  This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or in a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a nightclub.  And we have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be.  And to actively do nothing is a decision as well,” President Obama said in an address to the nation.

The lone wolf ISIS terrorist has been identified by FBI as Omar Mateen, 29, the only gunman responsible for the Le Bataclan style murders of 50 partygoers at the Orlando nightclub during the early Sunday morning rampage.

Survivors from the scene, who spoke to media indicated they were in a different section of the divided nightclub, and have stated when they recognized the pop, pop, pop sound wasn’t part of the DJ’s musical set, they all fell to the floor, by that time the patrons in the first section directly adjacent to the front entry were dead, injured or dying. 

From the graphic slaughter on November 14, 2015, at the Parisian Concert Hall, Le Bataclan, we are better equipped to understand the scene as it played out inside and the horror first responders experienced as they entered the nightclub.

Local media has reported gunfire erupted at approximately 2:00am which was so loud and unusual local residents called 911 as the noise as uncommon and terrifying.

The active shooter situation evolved quickly into a hostage situation. Orlando Police sent in a robot to examine the area for explosives as it was believed the gunman strapped explosives on the bodies of the dead. That theory later proved false.

Terror teams set off an explosive device and simultaneously rammed a tactical vehicle through the back wall of the club to rescue the hostages.   

Chasing Numbers: Gun Violence In America

As somewhere, in America, there is someone looking at the current totals coming out of Orlando with one thing in mind chasing those numbers hoping for the chance to surpass them and live in infamy. The shooters are no longer disgruntled loners with mental instabilities. Now, in addition to the disturbed, citizens must be concerned over the zealots, with uncomprehending loyalties outside the understanding of most who exercise restraint over mind, emotion, action and even thoughts.

The Orlando Nightclub Shooting is the worst massacre in U.S. history, and as the initial numbers moved from 50 dead to 59, the final total could be significantly higher as the critically injured of which there are many could die.

Mateen used the AR-15 semi-automatic weapon, capable of 900 round per minute, which has become the weapon of choice for many Mass Killers. Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Murderer, Syed Rizwan Farook, the San Bernardino Shooter, Christopher Harper Mercer, the Roseburg, Oregon murderer, John Zawahri, the Santa Monica College shooter and James Holmes the Aurora Shooter all used the same semi-automatic capable of inflicting mass injury with deadly speed.

Before Pulse, Virginia Tech held the dubious title of deadliest mass shooting with 33.  Sandy Hook Elementary School followed with 27 victims; Luby’s (Cafeteria) Massacre killed 24, San Ysidro McDonald's 22, Columbine High School Massacre, 15; United States Postal Service, 15 fatalities, Binghamton Shootings, 14 deaths, San Bernardino Mass Shooting, 14; Fort Hood Massacre left 13 dead.

America Under Siege

As the shooter has claimed loyalty to the Islamic State, we know the motivation behind the terror at Pulse was to murder and inflict as much injury on the people and to cause incapacitating fear.

America has faced terror attacks in the past. We stood and watched as The World Trade Center Twin Towers fell in an incomprehensible action; horrified we saw the Pentagon erupt in flames and humbled and filled with pride we understood the sacrifice of a few, armed with determination rise to the challenge, knowing death was imminent, they chose to give their lives to save one symbolic monument of freedom.

In an open message to The Islamic State Fighters, hidden or in the open, in America or hiding in the deserts of Syria, understand this: The day will come when you will raise the knife to our throats and before the blade slices the flesh of our citizens we will kill you in the desert. The sea will run red with your blood. We will prevail. Raise a knife to us; we’ll raise 100; Kill one and we will kill 10000. Find a place a hide and hope. Because your time is over.”

When Islamic Fighters are able to behead American citizens without retaliation repeatedly, with no response or action, by the government that these citizens pledge loyalty right to the end of their life, the Islamic Fighter takes that as a sign of cowardice, the freedom to murder as many citizens as they want. Since the beheadings the violence from ISIS against G7 Nations has increased exponentially.  

Orlando’s Bloody Weekend

A precursor to the horrific slaughter at Pulse, Orlando’s bloody weekend began Friday evening when former Voice contestant and YouTube singing sensation Christina Grimmie, 22, was murdered as she signed autographs.

The shooter, identified as, Kenneth James Loibl, was armed with enough ammunition to cause mass casualty. Her brother immediately tackled the shooter and was killed in the take down.

At press time conflicting reports from Orlando: From WFTV ABC the death toll in the Orlando Pulse Massacre has risen to 59 with 41 remaining critically wounded. No further word or other media have confirmed the death toll change.

Obama Steps Up Airstrikes; Add Troops

After months of consideration President Obama has decided to increase the military presence in Afghanistan. Defense officials have reportedly decided, after months of discussion, to push for an expansion of the military's authority to conduct airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The decision comes as violence in the country again escalates. The 9,800 U.S. service members currently in Afghanistan serving as part of the NATO mission to train and advise Afghan security forces will still not be involved in direct combat.

Election 2016: Clinton Wins Nomination; Epic Battle Looms in Trump Verses Clinton for White House

Hillary Rodham Clinton has secured the democratic nomination for President, ending the final barrier for women in political office and, becoming the first female to lead a major party’s campaign for the highest office in the nation.

The stage is finally set for November general election with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump, both breaking barriers, and leading the two major parties in their respective quests for the highest office in the nation and leader of the free world.

Clinton, a political expert has broken the glass ceiling and Donald J. Trump, the only business leader in modern history to win the confidence of the people, who went to the polls in droves, and secure the nomination while alienating his own party.

Violence is anticipated through the nation as both candidates gear up for the epic battle and clash of determinations as the Election 2016 begins in earnest.

With the powder keg conventions ahead the 2016 Electoral Process remains one of the most exciting times in political history.

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Stanford Verdict

Brock Turner, the really fast swimmer and former Stanford Freshman unanimously convicted of three counts of felony rape of an unconscious female, after a Frat Party, will face a whopping three months in jail.

Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky, when handing down the exasperating light sentence and slap in the face to the victim, the judicial process and the more than four years of effort by Vice President Biden, added he felt anything different would have been too “harsh” for the 20 minutes of action.

If the two graduate students who happened on the scene interrupting the freshman’s rape ritual had lasted 25 minutes or thirty minutes, possibly the judge would have added a day or two or even congratulated the victim on his times.

As it was the 20 minutes of rape, rape of an un-consenting, incapacitated female was only worth six months and the sentence is cut in half for good behavior. He will not be in the vicinity of females.

Turner is scheduled to be released in September after serving three months for good behavior. Here’s hoping for jailhouse justice, which may in fact be the message the judge is sending, otherwise society has the potential of a rabid animal being set loose in with a track record of light sentencing for the most violent crimes, and will probably end up raping women for the rest of his life as the precedent entitles him to continue the violence without thought or concern of penalty.

The sentencing just goes to show justice can be bought. The right thing is never at play in sentencing. It comes down to what can you do for me, who can do the most. A single, educated female, the voice of one, as few rape survivors will ever speak out, silence equals violence and a common tactic to derail women is rape. It is a weapon used frequently in war crimes and in the war against women.  

800,000 voices, however, is somewhat different as now, 800,000 signatures calling for Judge Aaron Persky’s removal have been delivered to the Judicial review office in San Francisco. It is a difficult if not impossible process and one he already knew when he made the decision to accept the incentive that would have his entire life and career under scrutiny.

Persky’s sentencing edits the national conversation of harsher and even mandatory penalties for sexual assault. What he said is that when rape is committed by those who do not fit the stereotype, when the public’s persona of a rapist cannot be reinforced, the sentence should be light, almost non-existent, as the rapist doesn’t fit the stereotype and harsh when it does.

As a former Stanford graduate one wonders how many times the judge was behind the dumpster back in the day and walking away smirking.

The price is steep, the publicity generated from this case may cost the Judge his position and maybe not. He will certainly face judicial review by a panel of his peers, which is paperwork and a joke. His action has already begun to have a backlash as potential jurors voir dired for cases have voiced their inability to act fairly.

He excuses them and sleeps well.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, the three-time world champion boxer, a man who danced around the ring, who spoke his affirmation in the face of his opponents, a man of faith and conscious, in a world of voices, and the allure of fame, was laid to rest this week.

Crowds of more than 15,000 lined the streets as the procession carrying the boxing champ to the church for the service that remembered, honored and praised the man and the legend.

Speakers included former President Bill Clinton, Senator Orrin Hatch, and Comedian Billy Crystal. Actor Will Smith, Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis were among the ten pallbearers. President Obama was invited to speak and sent a video statements as the service conflicted with his daughter, Malia’s, graduation.

Muhammad Ali was driven through the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, his hometown, one last time as the city gathered along the route not blocked or barricaded. Mourners touched the black Cadillac Herse, covered with long stemmed carnations and roses tossed by the crowds.

The speakers, some of the greatest men in their respective professions paid tribute to the man who stood for something in  time and world when standing for ones beliefs were not acceptable. He remained a man of conviction.

When felled by Parkinson’s Diease, the champ didn’t hide, he continued, showing the world life goes on and taking the good with the bad, he carried on.

His greatest moments, depending on whom was speaking where his moments in retrospect. To his family everyday was a treasured moment; to his friends, each memory a special one; the world of fans each great quote a special memory, a grainy Television, black and white image, the Olympics, the Champ has won it again!

His funeral service held in the KFC-Yum Sports Center was filled to capacity. He entertained the world throughout his life, and at his sendoff they showed up for one last moment with the champ. His larger than life spirit will remain as a constant reminder of the light he was in one of America’s darkest times.

Below Reprinted from Beltway Insider: 06/05/16

“Muhammad Ali was The Greatest.  Period.  If you just asked him, he’d tell you.  He’d tell you he was the double greatest; that he’d “handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder into jail,” the president said.

Born in 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky, Cassius Clay, Ali would rise to fame trash talking his opponents into mistakes. His declaration of “The Greatest,” delivered with the fervency of a tent revival preacher distracted his challengers driving them off their game.

When Ali walked into weigh-in he was ready, game face on and declared the win. “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee,” he said. “Impossible is not a fact. It is an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration, it is a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.”

Since the announcement of his death, the world has reacted to the passing of an icon, not limited to the sports world, Ali, was lauded by president’s, world leaders, street gym boxers, from the least to the greatest, the man who began a slow climb to greatness would be known in two simple words: ‘The Greatest.”

Ali, as Cassius Clay lived an almost non-descript life. Rescued by boxing he began training at 12, in 1960, six years after he began he represented the United States at the Rome Olympics, winning a gold medal in light heavyweight.

“I am America,” he once declared. “I am the part you won’t recognize. But get used to me – black, confident, cocky; my name, not yours; my religion, not yours; my goals, my own. Get used to me.”

Muhammad lived his life his way. He worked hard, stood for something, believed, walked the walk and chose the path of greatest resistance. 

For more information on President Barack Obama:

Sources:,, WFTV (Death Toll Rises)

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