Home, Décor: Ideas for Adding Fall Décor to Your Bathroom

As the seasons change switching out the last season's home décor is a recurrent ritual and as the calendar turns to fall adding elements of autumn into an additional area of the home adds warmth to any room.

The best ideas for adding fall décor to your bathroom are to decorate with pumpkins and autumn leaves. Don't negate sprucing up the bathroom this fall by decorating the bathroom. Use fall-themed shower curtains, towels, and rugs to mix up the room's aesthetic and bring seasonality to a new space.

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Luxury master bathrooms are beautiful the way they are, but that doesn't mean you can't spruce it up every once in a while. Autumn is the perfect time of year to decorate every inch of the home in reds, oranges, and yellows. Ideas for adding fall décor to your bathroom with help you incorporate elements of the season into every room of the house. Don't leave out this sacred space. Check out ways to make the bathroom fit in with the rest of an autumn-themed home.

Switch Out the Rugs

When entering the bathroom, look at the floor. Does the rug make you think about autumn? If not, find ones that do to swap in for the season. Choose rugs that feel good while portraying an enjoyable pattern. Some fall-themed rugs feature the colors that fall is known for, while others have graphics and sayings inspired by the season.

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Change the Shower Curtain

Like rugs, shower curtains can be swapped out for fall-themed ones. Large shower curtains instantly change the décor of the bathroom. After choosing one, try to build the rest of the décor around it.


Regardless of how cute a shower curtain is, it still needs to function. So buy one that is water-resistant and can be reused next fall.

Light Candles

Candles may make the bathroom feel more romantic and alluring. Further, the myriad of scents available changes the vibe. For fall, use high-end scented candles that smell like apples, pumpkins, or cedar for a blast of an autumn scent that will fill the room and last for hours. Choosing candles that are already in gorgeous holders makes decorating easy.

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Decorate With Towels

Another fabulous way to change the bathroom décor is with towels. During autumn, use hand towels with a fall theme. Pick out patterns that include pumpkins, fall leaves, and other whimsical elements that match the fall vibe.

Fill a Vase With Tiny Pumpkins

One of the best ways to bring fall décor into any room is with pumpkins. Since the bathroom is a small space, use tiny ones. Keep tiny pumpkins contained by filling a small vase with them. Also, add string lights or leaves to bring it all together.

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Incorporate Fall Leaves

It's difficult to pull off autumn décor without fall leaves. Whether they're printed on towels and curtains or hanging around the mirror, fall leaves are the epitome of the season. However, utilize them sparingly in bathroom décor.

The best idea for adding fall décor to your bathroom is switching out the existing décor for fall-themed elements. Use this as an opportunity to go shopping for decorations that you love and want to see in your home. Take inspiration from a friend's house or influencers online. Use luxury home goods to create the ultimate fall vibe.

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