The Marksman Review – Riveting, Contemporary Race Against Time Crime Thriller

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The Marksman, from OpenRoad films, presents a contemporary thriller as a lone rancher living along the Arizona border wall is caught up a war with the Mexican cartel, who are determined to send a message of authority.

The film begins in Mexico. Miguel, played by Jacob Perez, walking home from school. He and his mother, Rosa, played by Teresa Ruiz, are scraping by with help from her brother, who works for the local cartel. Her brother, who we see walking through a crowd followed by menacing cartel thugs, calls her and impresses on her the need to flee immediately.

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On the other side of the border, we meet Jim Hanson, played by Liam Neeson, a rancher who, between fighting natural selection, the elements, and now the coyote smugglers, is also fighting the bank who wants to foreclose on his property. The recent loss of his wife wiped out his finances and he is now up against a dry barren horizon without any hope of reaching even again.

The underweight herd of cattle, his last hope of keeping the ranch and bringing his accounts current, could barely move the needle. At the end of the first day of attempting to address his financial issues, he retreats to the local tavern. His stepdaughter Sarah, played by Katheryn Winnick, a border patrol agent, shows up and takes him back to his home. Up against the odds, for Hanson, a Gold Star medal winning marine, is nothing new. Hope drives him forward.

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Miguel and Rosa are now steps form the Arizona border, and the cartel assassins, led by Maurico, played by Juan Pablo Raba, a lifetime solider, who carries out orders without thought, are right behind them. Crossing over through a hidden break in the fence, they step in front of Hanson's truck as he is barreling down the empty road.

Barely stopping in time, the intersection of fate brings Hanson into the lives of these two running from sure death as the assassins who catch them at the border wall. A law-abiding citizen, Hanson calls in the border patrol on the illegals, and the drug cartel assassins determined to bring them back at all costs, launch an assault. Automatic weapons, four against one, and as it is Hanson manages to kill one and send the rest fleeing.

The Border Patrol arrive, the mother is inured and dies, before she passes, she asks Hanson, to get her son to Chicago to her family. Miguel, we find will be deported.

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In what he believes is his last stand, he defies his stepdaughter smuggles Miguel out of the holding center and is determined to carry out the dying request of his mother.

What follows is a race against time, with the drug cartel assassins' minutes behind them as the two, neither happy about their sudden companionship, drive across the United States toward the Windy City. Along the way of course, we also see the ruthlessness and those whose loyalty cane be overridden by the right price.

The Marksman combines all the elements of a solid action race against time thriller. The believable story, combined with current, state of the art locating techniques, and the vast network of criminal associates dedicated to the drug business all build up toward a climatic conclusion.

The Marksman, a riveting, entertaining and exciting, contemporary action film opens in theaters January 15, 2021 where available and on streaming platforms to be announced.

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Year – 2020.

Runtime – 107 minutes.

Country – USA.

Language – English, Spanish with English Subtitles.

Director – Robert Lorenz.

Screenplay - Chris Charles & Danny Kravitz and Robert Lorenz.

Cast – Liam Neeson, Katheryn Winnick, Jacob Perez, Juan Pablo Raba, Teresa Ruiz, Roger Jerome, Charles David Richards, Elias Gallegos.

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