Norman Lear, Legendary TV Producer Wows Critics

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Legendary television producer, Norman Lear is re-branding himself at 93. The nonagenarian, known from such liberal hits as "All in the Family," "The Jefferson," "Good Times," and "Maude" basically most television programming during the 1970's that tackled tough taboo subjects, is moving into a new phase.

Looking spry, Lear showed up at a Television Critics Association press conference in Beverly Hills this weekend and worked the crowd with his wit and wisdom wowing them with his sudden declaration of social conservatism.

Even those who are not sitcom TV scholars can remember the ultra-racist Archie Bunker, made famous by Carroll O'Connor, or the interracial relationship of the suddenly East Side Jefferson's in the sitcom of the same name or the abortion episode in Maude or the sexual assault in "All in the Family."

Tackling the taboo, always a gift for the iconic Lear, conservative in Hollywood would have never been a label anyone would have thought to apply until he broached the subject.

Suddenly taming the wild streak of contemporary television Lear, a social conservative (!) spoke like a father offering golden nuggets of sound suggestions: everyday matters, today is the sum of all your experiences, over and next, living in the moment.

With a resume dating sixty-five years, one can say unequivocally and without a doubt, the man has probably seen it all.

Lear set the house on fire when he chose to describe himself as a "bleeding heart conservative."

Suddenly, and thankfully, Hollywood icons are voicing strong opinions on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and like Lear "love for America."

Lear continued talking about upcoming projects, reboots and mixes of his most celebrated work. He attended the Television Critics Association press conference to promote the documentary covering his life that premiere next year on PBS. 

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