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Cooking In Everyday English: The ABC’s of Great Flavor at Home written by, celebrity chef and restaurateur, Todd English is the promised land for the home schooled, harnessing your inner chef, culinary challenged gourmet. 

Chef Todd English has created an epicurean masterpiece dedicated to elevating the amateur gourmand with simple, easy-to-understand instruction and selections geared to satisfy and impress even the most sophisticated palette.  

Having had some culinary training, as a food writer in Manhattan, and enjoying the benefits of the International Culinary Center, that houses both the French Culinary Institute and the Italian Culinary Academy, and witnessing the ease in which most student-chef’s are able to manipulate the industrial kitchens, food writers excluded, conquering my foodie fears and harnessing my inner chef became a pursuit.

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As Todd is a wonderful chef his book is a patient display of his personality. He entices the reader with mouth-watering cuisine that teases the taste buds with five star desires and gently guides the reader with specific instruction so much so that even aficionados pursuing their first culinary adventure can be confident they’re destined to create lovely appealing servings.

Creating tantalizing cuisine is an art form; culinary preparation an extension of creativity; the plate, a blank canvass. From the beginning of his book, Chef Todd introduces the audience to the basics, the foundational building blocks necessary for any Chef’s workplace. Delivered in the first person, he takes the reader on a journey through his own kitchen familiarizing the connoisseur with his personal selection of kitchen ware, necessities and tools to assist in the preparation process.

Chef Todd offers over one hundred, step-by-step, handholding, recipes with vibrant images that transform the hesitant, shy chef into a catering wizard of delights with high end hors d’oeuvers including four types of Bruschetta (pronounced broo-SKEH-tah), Crab Cakes, Fried Halloumi and Green Chili con Queso.

Lamb Chop Lollipops, Game Day Sliders with Todd’s Special Sauce, Deviled Eggs with Lobster and Sturgeon, a traditional Tuna Nicoise salad served with French Chablis, as suggested, are just a sampling of the enticing treats one will find within the pages of this consuming guidebook.  To create a complete experience each recipe includes a complementing top shelf beverage such as Kentucky Maple, Guava Margaritas and Old Sage Martinis.

Shellfish and the perfect Lobster Roll are included as well as Chicken Under A Brick, Fried Chicken Todd’s Way, Prime Rib Chili, Slow Roasted Pork and Tequila Braised Short Ribs.  

What tempting offerings would be complete without a chapter of delightfully luscious and decadent desserts? Just a few of the mouth-watering, sinfully delicious recipes featured are Frozen Pops, guaranteed to chill summer’s heat , Spiced Apple Compote, Brownie Hash with Chocolate frosting and from his daughter’s cupcake shop in Boston, Izzy’s Red Velvet Curly  Cakes.

Chef Todd’s desire and passion for cooking is so present and obvious as he shares his wisdom with the budding home schooled home chef. His attention to every detail in each section of the cook book is amazing.

He includes everything from understanding different types of salt, how spices work together to enhance flavor and which spices hinder flavor to creating the perfect Aioli, four ways, his special Pesto, and dressings that enhance any meal including the very special, and found only in his restaurants, the TE Special Sauce that accompanies his Game Day Sliders.

Cooking in Everyday English, The ABC’s of Great Flavor at Home offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world’s premiere chefs. The gastronomic guide book, with wider pages and vivid imagery, allows for easier reading and comprehension of the ingredients needed to create each culinary pleasure.

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Cooking in Everyday English: The ABC’s of Great Flavor at Home is a great addition to any cook book library. It hits the mark for the enthusiast, the culinary challenged gourmet, those harnessing their inner chef and food lovers everywhere!

Bon Appétit!

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