Don’t Read This On a Plane Review – An Entertaining, Risqué Comedic Drama

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Don't Read This on a Plane, from Gravitas Ventures, presents a mix of global, carefree, travel visiting seven exotic European destinations, as a very liberal author who writes a risqué tell-all begins a publicity book tour.


Directed by Stuart McBratney, Don't Read This On a Plane stars Sophie Desmarais, Susanna Dekker, Victor von Schirach, Dorotheea Petre, Hildegard Schroedter, Karim Thellgaard, Nicolas Bravos, Allen C. Carter, Dominique Thomas, and Maria Bray.

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The film begins with voice over by Jovanna, played by Sophie Desmarais, a perky Parisian author, about to begin the European leg of her publicity tour. Packed, she is off to Venice, Italy, where she will host readings from her third novel, "Don't Read This On a Plane."

When she arrives at the Marriot, she is told her reservation had been cancelled. With the tour dates booked in advance, there is obviously a miscommunication. She telephones her publisher who explains, of course, how sorry he is but he has gone bankrupt and all accommodations have been canceled.

We also learn along the way Jovanna and her husband, who works on an oil rig, are struggling financially and live paycheck to paycheck. So, when the carpet is pulled out from underneath her, she is left to her own resources,

Her first night she sleeps in a hostel, and quickly adapts to her dual status as celebrated novelist, and fiscally squeezed self-promotor.

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After Venice, she learns a few coping tricks and embarks on this three-week, hitchhiking, adventure across Europe to complete her promotional tour. With the flights paid in advance our trip takes us to Portugal, Germany, Romania, Santorini, and The Netherlands.

Beginning with her first read, we realize the stories are sexual encounters with women and as the film progresses the stories become more graphic.

As she hides her dual status, her book which is taking off and bringing her more attention is also getting buzz with the press as they speculate whether her risqué book about a married woman's dalliances with a hundred women is autobiographical.

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Jovanna continues from city to city, hitchhiking, living off her author status, grabbing food from events and finding ways to manage her situation without compromising her obligations. During press interviews she weaves a fanciful tale of caviar breakfasts while sitting under a highway trestle.

She has a few close encounters, meets a world of interesting people, strangers, supporters, and those who want to live on bragging rights.

Don't Read This on a Plane, a comedic drama, is filled with bright moments and provides quarantined travelers the opportunity to once again roam European destinations, carefree, as our author determined to honor the publicity tour is forced, by circumstances to wing it.

The cinematography, with each stop, provides a video over tour of the well-known landmarks, Gondolas in Venice, Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, white splashed rooftops of Santorini, Greece, with a fly over of the Aegean Sea and the Greek Islands. Brochure style panoramic shots of Porto, Portugal, Paris, Budapest, Hungary. A thirsty traveler's delight!

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A comedy with lots of drama, it was filmed in some of the world's most famous and beautiful independent bookstores in Venice, Maastricht, Budapest, Oradea, Berlin, Burgundy, Santorini, and Porto.

A laugh out loud, frivolous and entertaining film Don't Read This on a Plane, provides a lighthearted mix of visually breathtaking views, European travel, and scandalous, and risqué, girlie-action, dialogue during the "read" scenes.

Don't Read This on a Plane won the Audience Award at this year's Dances With Films, and opens across multiple platforms September 22, 2020. See it.

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