Mob Land Review – Captivating Crime Drama Delivers Heightened Suspense

Mob Land, from Saban Films, brings to the screen a deeper look into the dixie pill mills and the new organized crime families that control the distribution, and the money, and use enforcers to tame the brave or ignorant.

The film begins in a gun shop, with voice over by New Orleans organized crime family enforcer Clayton Minor, played by Stephen Dorff, who tells the owner, while he looks at the gun, a story. Suddenly Clayton grabs the man, smashes his head into the gun case, and pistol whips him. He takes down the shop's enforcer and then walks over to the owner, who has not made a move, and simply says, "Pay your bills."

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We understand Clayton is someone's enforcer. The film jumps to a small southern town, deep in the heart of dixie, south of the Mason-Dixon, where the opioid crisis delivered the first blow, and the loss of jobs was the knock-out leaving in its path a generation of struggling families, hoping for just a small bit of luck, something that turns the tide in their favor.

Now we meet the local sheriff Bodie Davis, played by John Travolta, who is closing in on his retirement. His nephew, Shelby, played by Shiloh Fernandez, who is hiding his medical condition from his wife, Caroline, played by Ashley Benson, and daughter, Mila, played by Tia DiMartino. Between picking up shifts, and a few odd jobs, they are barely making ends meet and the financial stress is weighing on him.

Tonight, his brother-in-law Trey, played by Kevin Dillion is hanging out with them is when we find out, Shelby is buying black market prescriptions to manage his MS and tomorrow, his wife and daughter are heading to spend time with her parents.

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The next day Trey stops by and explains his plan. It's an easy heist, two tweakers standing guard, and enough money to fix everyone's problems. Shelby, who is innately honest, is struggling with the idea. Once Trey puts together everything on Shelby's list that would make him go along, they decide to go ahead.

What looks like an easy score, takes a violent turn, and the two tweakers just happen to escape and what was supposed to be a snatch and grab, turns into robbery and murder. During the time Trey grabs the money and the pills, they are warned by the attendant, played by Tommy G. Kendrick, that this pill mill and its profits belong to someone who will hunt them down.

Trey and Shelby finally finish the job and are chased by the tweakers, who are trying to kill them. This leads to shoot out and car chase, followed by the Sheriff, who ends up killing one of the tweakers. During the investigation, Sherriff Bodie is told the pill mill was operated by the New Orleans mob.

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As the bodies begin to stack up, the sheriff is one step behind the enforcer who is sent to handle the small-town problem, eliminate any witnesses. and recover the stolen property.

What follows is an attention-grabbing, action thriller filled with unpredictable twists and turns.

The story delivers a new take on the opioid crisis, those who exploited the illicit drug market and built lucrative lifestyles, and the economically depressed cities and ghost towns, left in its wake. The cast delivers solid riveting performances right up to the very end.

Mob Land, a white-knuckle, heart-pounding suspense crime drama, opens exclusively in theaters Friday, August 4. See it.

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Country: U.S.

Language: English.

Runtime: 111 minutes.

Director: Nicholas Maggio.

Producer: Bernie Gewissler, Corey Large.

Writer: Nicholas Maggio, Rob Healy.

Cast: Shiloh Fernandez, Stephen Dorff, Tia DiMartino, Robert Miano, Tommy G. Kendrick, Jesse Sharp, Ashley Benson, Kevin Dillon, John Travolta.


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