Jules Review – Charming Dramedy Delivers Engaging Performances

Jules, from Bleeker Street, brings to the screen a comedic drama as three seniors become involved in the adventure of a lifetime when they meet an alien who happens to crash-lands in their town.

The film begins in the home of Milton Robinson, played by Ben Kingsley, who is listening to the television while his daughter, Denise, played by Zoe Winters, is writing the checks for his monthly bills. Before she leaves, she uses the bathroom and comes down with a can of peas. She begins to question her father why the peas are in the bathroom cabinet. He dismisses her and the audience understands we are seeing the beginning of cognitive decline.

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Still able to manage on his own, he along with two other seniors, Sandy, played by Harriet Sansom Harris, and Joyce, played by Jane Curtin, are regulars at the Boonton, PA, city council meetings. Each week, they address the meeting with what is dismissed as elder idealism.

That night, Milton is awoken by a loud crash noise and steps outside to see a spaceship crashed landed in his azaleas. He, of course, begins to panic and calls his daughter whose mailbox is full, he calls 911 and reports what has happened, and he is chastised and told it is a crime to make false reports.

The absurdity of the truth coupled with his age, makes receiving any assistance impossible. So, as it is once again city council night, he explains when it is his turn to address the council, a UFO has crashed landed in his yard and destroyed his azaleas.

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Milton, who is innately a kind man, hears noises on his patio, and sees the extra-terrestrial, who is injured from the landing, as crawled out of his craft, and is lying on the cold cement. Milton is unable to just leave someone, even if it is an alien, cold and injured. He brings him water and a blanket. The next morning, he steps out and sees the alien, shivering near the steps, and of course, invites him into the house. And as any good host, he prepares a tray of food choices as he really doesn’t know what an alien may eat.

Before long, Milton develops a close relationship with the extra-terrestrial. He is endearing and company for an old man that is nearing a time when he reflects on times when he should have been kinder. However, Sandy, his friend calls and needs to use his printer. So, when she arrives and walks in to see the alien she nearly faints.

Which is when things become complicated. Soon, both Sandy and Joyce find out about the alien and decide to name him, and each feel the need to have long, uninterrupted conversations with this new, mysterious stranger.

During this time there are frequent news reports about a satellite falling to earth, and we see deep in a government facility a special unit of the NSA is listening to every conversation and is focused on finding the spacecraft.

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What follows is a madcap adventure as our three, out to pasture, seniors embark on a mission to help their friend return to his home, even as they each have developed a heartfelt bond with and he, we see, repays in kind.

A funny, wildly creative journey that also highlights agism, the onset of cognitive decline, and societies elevated radar to dismiss truism as absurdities after a certain age.

The cast each deliver genuine emotive performances, as our Jules, played by Jade Quon, who is doesn’t speak throughout the film, is a scene stealer.

Endearing, charming and utterly captivating, Jules opens exclusively in theaters, August 11, 2023. A must see!

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Country: U.S.

Runtime: 90 minutes.

Release date: August 11, 2023.

Director: Marc Turtletaub.

Produced by Debbie Liebling, Andy Daly, Michael B. Clark, Alex Turtletaub, Marc Turletaub.

Writer: Gavin Steckler.

Cast: Ben Kingsley, Harriet Sansom Harris, Zoe Winters, Jade Quon, Jane Curtin, Anna George, Donald Paul, Cody Jostro, Eric T. Miller, Blair Baker, Narea Kand, Teddy Canez, Gordon Blake Jones, Christopher Kelly, Joshua Moore.

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