The Serial Killer Cookbook & Serial Killer Trivia Book Review – Morbidly Engrossing, Engagingly Twisted

True crime has become ingrained in American society with every wicked, evil, and horrifying detail holding aficionados engrossed as revelations pique the interest, shock the system, and unearth in the psyche a desire to find the hidden story.


Ulysses Press has brought two new books, The Serial Killer Cookbook, a tome dedicated to the last meals of some of the worst death row inmates and Serial Killer Trivia Cold Cases, which travels the world unearthing unsolved cold case crimes.

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The Serial Killer Cookbook, from Ashley Lecker, a morbid introduction to the idea of a prisoner's last meal, a tradition that allows most death row inmates the opportunity to enjoy the meal of their choosing, although some states have limits on cost and Texas, who has the highest execution rate of any state, no longer allows a last meal request, as killer Lawrence Russell Brewer, who was sentenced to death for the torture of James Byrd, Jr., in 1998 ordered a massive amount of food and then refused to eat any of it.

The Serial Killer Cookbook, authored by Asley Lecker, draws the reader into the 118 pages and includes several more well-known killers including the rare female serial killer Aileen Wuornos, (pg. 113), who died of lethal injection after being convicted of six of the seven murders she was accused of committing. She refused her last meal and had a simple hamburger from the prison canteen.

Of course, no book on serial killers would be complete with the most notorious, John Wayne Gacy, (pg.41), Ted Bundy (pg. 21) and Oklahoma City Terrorist Timothy McVeigh, (pg. 63) and even Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" killers, Perry Smith, and Richard Hickock (pg. 83). Each of the entries include information about the crime and killer.

Not every person listed in The Serial Killer Cookbook was actually guilty, Joe Arridy, (pg. 6), was falsely accused, convicted, and executed in 1939 for the murder of a 15-year-old girl.

The Serial Killer Cookbook, available at book retailers everywhere, is a ghoulish, gluttonous trip through the inner sanctums of death row prisons, is a must have for any true crime enthusiast.

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Serial Killer Trivia Cold Cases, from Ulysses Press and author Michelle Kaminsky, brings to the 288 pages some of the most gruesome unsolved crimes across the United States, as well as through Europe and Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Travel with the author as she takes readers on a journey across the highways and byways, through the northeast, the Midwest, the southwest and pacific northwest were serial killers routinely dump bodies, the trophies of their macabre and bloodthirsty motivations.

She includes many of the most notorious unsolved cases such as The Natalee Holloway case, other unsolved murders that investigators originally believed were linked to either Ted Bundy or The Zodiac and serial killers who many have never heard mentioned and the brutality of their means and fiendish methods are enough to cause even the most cautious to double and triple check the locks.

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Kaminsky separates the book into chapters beginning with the Northeastern United States, Midwestern, Southeastern, South Central, Western and the rest of the Americas. The book is filled with the usual degenerates, the pure evil, those who knew it was God who told them to commit the heinous crimes, construction workers, truck drivers, ministers, students, and others including police officers (The Golden State Killer who is responsible for more than 50 rapes, 13 murders and 120 burglaries across California between 1974 through 1986) and attorney's (the New Bedford Murders).

With the continued advancement in forensic technology, it seems impossible that many of these cases remain pending, and without funding the amount of man hours needed to solve these crimes remains the crux in exacting justice. It seems easier to determine the origin of a 2000-year-old prehistoric neanderthal through DNA extraction from a pulverized tooth than to solve a murder-rape case that happened yesterday.

Serial Killer Trivia Cold Cases, an eerie and sinister digest of the darkest, hidden cold case crimes that remain shockingly unsolved, can be purchased at online and brick and mortar retailers everywhere.

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Title: The Serial Killer Cookbook

Author: Ashley Lecker.

Publisher: Ulysses Press.

Length: 120 pages, Softcover.


MSRP: $17.95 (US) $24.95 (CAN).


Title: Serial Killer Trivia Cold Cases.

Author: Michelle Kaminsky.

Publisher: Ulysses Press.

Length: 288 pages, Softcover.


MSRP: $15.95 (US).

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