Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood Cookbook Review – Cute and Cheesy Film Fan Themed Snack Boards

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Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood, from Ulysses Press, brings to the pages 50 film themed snack boards and cheese platters, with enough recipes to fulfil any hosts movie night munchies or solo streamers snack attack.


With an easy to read introduction, Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood, explains the concept of cheese platters and snack boards beyond the traditional, several tasty flavors of cubed milky delights with a wheel of brie in the center garnished with fruit.

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Like fondu, cheese platters and snack boards are making a comeback and modernized every host should have a few simple supplies to accompany any movie night munchies cheese board. As the introduction explains for these delightful displays no special skills or even supplies are essential, although cheese knives a staple for cheese lovers will add style to the presentation.

Throughout the 143 pages, sectioned by film genres, Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood offers amusing ideas developed from romance themed films, "Kid's Movies and Musicals," "Action and Drama," "Horror and Comedy." Each entry includes a glossy picture of the board and on the opposite page, which is divided into two columns, the recipe and platter arrangement.

Pulled from many memorable films, Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood, begins with Romance and from the blockbuster film, Titanic, an accompanying recipe titled "Draw Me Like One of Your French Gruyeres" which features a cheese platter for first class, steerage and an "Iceberg Straight Ahead Wedge." Other recipes from the romance section include "The Princess Brie" that even has a formula for Miracle Max Pills, sure to bring anyone "mostly dead" back to life and for Twilight Fans, "The Twilight Saga: Brie-King Dawn, " an Italian inspired cheese, charcuterie and sweet board, a little something for everyone including delicate Charcuterie rosettes.

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Other delicious, cheesy, and simple recipes include a Croque Monsieur with bechamel sauce, with step-by-step instructions this French favorite is sure to please; paired with Chocolate croissants (and they can be store bought) and you'll have everyone wondering where you received your culinary training.

From the "Kids Movies and Musicals" Section Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood, features snack boards with ideas originating from some of Hollywood most memorable children's films and timeless classics including "Somewhere Over The Cheeseboard" a Wizard of Oz inspired cheeseboard, along with "Willy Wonka and The Cheesecake Factory," "Harry Potter and the Half-Board Prince," and "Ritz a Wonderful Life," even the titles conjure up scrumptious, mouthwatering treats.

"You're Going to Need a Bigger Goat," a shark-cuterie board filled with New England beachy delicacies, including goat cheese, mini old bay potatoes, Killerbasa (a specialty kielbasa recipe, if I told you I have to kill you) tail-on cooked shrimp, and to drink Narrangansett lager. Another fan favorite from the action and drama section, "Pulp Stilton," a delicious and easy tribute to the cult classic Pulp Fiction and even includes a recipe for $5.00 milkshakes.

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Hypnotizing horror films with bewitching ideas rising from classics like "The Roquefort Horror Picture Show" (take a guess) and "The Silence of the Labneh" served with a nice chianti, chilling. The section is filled with five other flavorful ideas for an enchanting evening of movie madness.

Comedy is represented with eight tasteful cheesy ideas pulled from the marquee including the 1959 classic starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Cutis and Jack Lemmon, Some Like it Hot, which has morphed into "Some Like It Habanero," a heat stacked charcuterie and cheese board that features hot, hot, hot, stuff including chili-spiced dried pineapple. Comedy classics also represented are "Ferris Beer-Cheese's Day Off," a tray of classic Chicago fan favorites from Deep Dish Pizza to Dogs Chicago style, to Chicago-style popcorn and "The Big Lebleucheese," (can you guess), a hot wings platter with blue cheese and washed down with White Russians (recipe included).

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Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood, while many may think of the recent Quentin Tarantino film, is really homage to the wonderful world of Disney where many of its classic animated films began with those famous fairy tale words, once upon a time.

Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood is an attractive, fan filled cookbook with appetizing appetizers, concession worthy treats and yummy delights.


Title: Once Upon A Rind in Hollywood.

Author: Rachel Riederman.

Photographs: Rachel Riederman.

Release Date: September 5, 2022.

Publisher: Ulysses Press.

Length: 143 pages.


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