White Sands Review – Danish Cop Drama Delivers

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White Sands, from Topic Studios, an original limited series, presents a light crime drama as two undercover detectives pose as a married couple while investigating the unsolved murder of the brother of a German politician in the seaside village.

The series begins with Helene, played by Marie Bach Hansen, having an intimate dinner with Jimmy Oldenburg, played by David Sakurai, who we find out minutes later, is a notorious crime boss, and Helene, an expert Danish undercover officer, has infiltrated his organization and gathered enough evidence to secure his arrest. As he is being arrested, he lunges at her and threatens "I'll find you."

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We then meet Thomas, played by Carsten Bjфrnland, who is an expert homicide detective in Hamburg, Germany. He recently lost his wife to breast cancer and is still very much in the grieving process. His supervisor shows up and wants him to meet Hamburg's Mayor Ursula Pfeiffer, played by Julischka, the sister of Sebastian Pfeiffer, played by Ric Wersig.

She explains that over a year ago her brother was murdered in White Sands, a small seaside village and while the local police did everything they could. The murder of her brother has gone unsolved and she, along with the Danish authorities, have create a need-to-know task force: two undercovers, posing as a married couple.

Both Helene and Thomas agree to the assignment. Soon, they are headed to the tourist paradise of White Sands, (Hvide Sande) on the Jutlandic west coast. The pair must convincingly portray a happily married couple from the big city moving to the North Sea coast to start a new life.

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Their ruse is off to a rocky start as the accommodation the bureau secured were double booked and they ended up having to book a very small camper with only one bed. With solving the case the only barrier to life returning to normal, the pair are intent and determined to solve the case quickly.

Unable to sleep on their first night, each decide to explore the area. As it is he finds a group of islanders memorializing Sebastian and she heads to the site of his murder, the island's lighthouse. So, the trail to finds Sebastian's murderer is not as cold as they believed.

Throughout they buffet against each other's rough edges, and they quickly come to realize that being credible in the roles of husband and wife isn't easy when you're used to being alone. 

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Like most small towns, hidden behind the founding families closed doors are shocking secrets, of greed, envy, lost love and lifelong vengeance, and a willingness to do anything to keep those doors sealed shut.

As Helene and Thomas dig into the past of the small town's residents and circumstances, hidden connections, and old wounds, they confront their own past and, in the process, get closer to each other.

White Sands is another international crime drama from Topic Studios that delivers an addicting mini drama over seven episodes. The cinematography, for beach lovers is stunning. For those who have never traveled to the Jutlandic west coast, a coastal community that extends across three nations, it is offers an insider's view into euro beach life.

Binge-worthy, White Sands delivers a solid story, strong character driven performances, with a great location. See it.

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Country: Denmark.

Language: Danish, German, with English Subtitles.

Release Date: September 15, 2022.

Runtime: Seven Episodes/45minutes.

Director: Tilde Harkamp, Barbara Topsфe-Rothenborg.

Producer: Morten Rasmussen, David C. H. фsterbфg

Writer: A.J. Kazinski, Anders Rфnnow Klarlund

Cast: Marie Bach Hansen, Carsten Bjornlund, Bodil Jorgensen, Amanda Friis Jurgensen, Simon Mathew, David Sakuri, Jens Christian Buskov Lund, Bjarne Henriksen, Andreas Jessen, Camilla Bendix, Jesper Asholt.

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