Frost Review – Tantalizing Thriller, Until It Wasn’t

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Frost, from Cleopatra Entertainment brings to the screen, an against all odds story of survival after a car crash on the edge of a precipice traps a pregnant woman causing her to slowing lose her mind.

The film begins with Abby, played by Devanny Pinn, on the way to visit her dad, Grant, played by Vernon Wells, for the first time in five years. The relationship is rocky at best, and when they finally begin to talk, we understand the strain is brought on from the loss of her mother, his wife.

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Over dinner we understand he drinks to much, and she is trying to break what appears to be a generational curse. The next morning, as her pregnancy stirs up memories of his wife the pair seem to bridge the dividing line and decide to go to a favorite fishing spot and enjoy father daughter time. On the way out he asks her to leave her friends on that phone at the house.

Throughout the film to this point, we have heard through the radio, a severe winter storm is heading their way, with plunging temperatures, icy and hazardous road conditions. However, when the pair decide to head off on the fishing trip, they are dressed for what they expect will be only an afternoon jaunt.

As she is nearly nine months pregnant, one would have thought she would have had a smorgasbord of treats, food, water, juice, snacks as she was eating for two. And they were driving her car, which was not winterized, so no blanket, or any other winterizing necessities.

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Midway through the trip through a windy mountainous road, her father misses the turn, and they skid off the road and hit a tree. She is impaled in her shoulder by a tree branch. He is hurt but able to get out of the car.

From her it is a fight for survival. For once the weather predictions were accurate and the winter storm arrived just as they expected. Her window was busted out in the crash, and to escape her dad had to break his, so now she is suffering hypothermia.

Her father has agreed to walk for help, and as he is not healthy, the walk is treacherous. The have walkie-talkies and one the first day they have a few conversations, as he promises to get help, pleading with her to hang on.

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She is slowly losing her mind. Day two, she decides to try and escape. After removing the branch, she uses the fishing wire to sew the wound. And the baby begins to kick. Suddenly the sounds of crunch on the snow, unable to escape she listens as the sound of paws jumping on the roof of the car, and suddenly a snarling wolf lurches on the driver's side, or does it?

Has she become so delirious that the sound of snow falling in clumps from the trees is magnified and distorted and now is the sounds of a wolf? Day two passes.

She wakes on day three to labor pains. The baby is coming. She moves to the back seat and lands on fishing lures that impale themselves into her flesh. Rifling through her dad's tackle box, she finds a first aid kit, aspirin and a bottle of vodka. Small miracles.

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Frost, until this point is an enticing, suspense, thriller. At this juncture the inclination of the screenwriter/director is to jump off into cannibalism and horror, which is both shocking, horrifying and revolting.

Moreover, there is also the gratuitousness of showing the scene more than once, clearing the point was made and there was no need to revisit. Even for horror fans, I believe it would be a bit much, if there is such as thing as horror good taste, (no pun intended) this isn't it. Like I said, it was a suspense thriller until it wasn't.

Frost will be released October 11, 2022 on Blu-ray/DVD.


Country: USA.

Runtime: 81 minutes.

Release date: October 11, 2022 (on Blu-Ray).

Director: Brandon Slagle.

Producer: Devanny Pinn.

Writer: Robert Thompson, based on a story by James Cullen Bressack.

Cast: Vernon Wells, Devanny Pinn, Venus DeMilo Thomas, Shadow.

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